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From Manuscript to Milestones: February’s Tellwell Success Stories 2024

Let’s embark on a literary journey that inspires and motivates, our Tellwell author continues to create waves in the literary world.

Join us in celebrating the milestones achieved by our authors as they generously share their stories of success and the remarkable paths they’ve traveled.


Award-winning author Arwinder Kaur graciously shared with us about another chapter in her literary journey as the iconic billboards of New York City’s Times Square showcases her with her award-winning book, “Living while Human,” adding to the recognition of her exceptional storytelling.

Author of the book Rhapsody in a Minor Mode, Elaine Kozak takes us on a journey sharing her personal story and delving into the fascinating process of bringing her book to life in an exclusive interview with Reader Views!

Tellwell author Glenda Toews is in the news! Featured on pages of Chilliwack Progress Glenda shares a true story after her life-changing encounter with “wealthy” con artist with her book, Spinning on a Barstool.

Chelee shares her journey on CTV MORNING LIVE! The author behind the series “Newbia” made history by becoming the first Black woman in Nova Scotia to bring a touch of science fiction fantasy romance to the literary scene!

Sharon-Ann Brown has recently graced the pages of the Regina Leader Post! The Tellwell author unfolds the narrative behind her book, delving into the lessons it emphasizes and offering a glimpse into the process of bringing her literary creation to life.

Putting the spotlight to one of our incredible Tellwell author Brian Humprey! Brian’s first book No Smoke Without Fire has sold in 7 countries and 3 continents. Smoke Signals also was recognized as a Canada book award winner. Brian published all his books with Tellwell: No Smoke Without Fire, Smoke Signals, Smoke and Mirrors, Smoke Signals.

Cindy Lane, author of Smelly Begins, takes center stage in a recent feature on Barrie Today! Cindy takes us through the journey of her book, unraveling the valuable lessons within its pages, shares insights into the creative process behind its making, and invites readers to embark on the delightful adventures it offers.

Tellwell author Kenneth McLarnon takes the spotlight in this month’s Kidliomag Feature. He shares the captivating narrative of his book Chuck the Fire Truck and story and passion that fuel his creative journey. Kenneth offers readers a glimpse into the inspiration behind his storytelling, creating an intimate connection between his life, his passion, and the engaging world he crafts within his book.


The NFL’s 2024 MVP, Lamar Jackson, a Tellwell author of an inspiring story about dreaming big and manifesting your desires. Visiting a classroom and reading his children’s book “I Dream, You Dream, Let Us Dream!” encourages children to set their sights on a goal and pursue their dreams relentlessly, regardless of any obstacles they may face.

Robert O’Toole’s shares with us a glimpse of a very successful book launch this past weekend. The book launch of his book My Journal was attended by the local mayor, a city councilor, and over 60 friends and students.


It’s a five-star for Secrets in the Islands book written by Tellwell author Lauren de Leeuw!

It’s full of adventure and suspense, with lots of sneaking around, spying, and occasionally running for one’s life. It draws attention to the collective responsibility to safeguard heritage, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, ensuring a captivating experience for its young and impressionable audience.

Reader Views Kids Book Review

Come along in literary adventure! Get your copy of Secret in the Islands here.

Shades of Influence authored by Paul Cade also received a glowing five-star review from IndieReader!

Paul Cade’s memoir SHADES OF INFLUENCE has warmth, wit, and a message aspiring artists need to hear: Never give up.

IndieReader Book Review

Look no further for your next favorite page-turning memoir. Get your copy of Shades of Influence here.

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