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Celebrating Women! Award-winning authors, rave reviews and publicity

This month, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, we want to celebrate the successes of some of the incredibly talented women published with Tellwell! 

These fabulous women have risen up and used their imagination, voice and experience to create something timeless. Each of our featured authors are celebrating a unique success in their journey as an author.

From the kind generosity of young author Shreya Gupta, to some local spotlights for authors Jennifer Chapin, Gabriella Kikwaki, and Dr. Greta Archbold! Back around to the highly acclaimed work of Darice Cairns, Ellie Beals, and Maria Depenweiller. 

We hope you check out the stories from some of Tellwell’s women creators.

Shreya Gupta donated all the the proceeds made in the month of February from the sales of her book, Flamingo Feet, to #PinkShirtDay! What is Pink Shirt Day? Pink Shirt Day is an Anti-Bullying Day when people wear a pink shirt to symbolize a stand against bullying. 

Shreya’s involvement in Pink Shirt Day had her featured on Global News, 980 CKNW radio, Breakfast Television with Bevo Brown, and on the Pink Shirt Foundation website! Shreya, we celebrate your continued success and generosity. You go girl! 

Check out Shreya’s interview with Breakfast Television with Devo Brown by clicking here!

Shreya is also the recipient of the 2021 International Elite Women’s Global Award (youth category). The award recognizes outstanding women & young girls who have demonstrated innovation & leadership. Congratulations Shreya!

Gabriella is another young Tellwell author who we are excited to celebrate! Gabriella, and her parents Angel & Olivier, joined Mike Stubbs on London Live 980CMFL to discuss her bilingual juvenile chapter book A Link Between Two Worlds / Un Lien Entre Deux Mondes: Volume 1 & 2. 

Check out Gabriella’s interview with Mike Stubbs by clicking here!

One of Tellwell’s own, Jennifer Chapin, has had her book selected in the GVPL Emerging Authors Collective! You may know Jennifer as one of our many talented Publishing Consultants, but she is also the accomplished author of The Poet & The Angel

The Emerging Local Authors Collection is an initiative developed by GVPL to celebrate Greater Victoria’s rich writing culture. To date, 871 unique titles and 679 authors have been part of the collection, with featured authors ranging in age from six to 90-plus.

Check out GVPL Emerging Authors Collection by clicking here!

Dr. Greta Archbold went through the terrifying experience of being trapped on a cruise ship due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this local feature, she discusses how she conquered the harrowing experience and made it through with the help of an on board church service.

Check out the full story by clicking here! 

Darice Cairns is celebrating her 5/5 star review from IndieReader for her new book, The Art of Finding Truth : One Man’s Journey Through Love, Life, Grief and Joy!

The biographical story Darice Cairns relates in THE ART OF FINDING TRUTH, ONE MAN’S JOURNEY THROUGH LOVE, LIFE, GRIEF AND JOY of Behzad Ghashghaee’s personal history is a powerful tale that cuts through society’s web of lies towards celebrating Life and the ability to tell the Truth despite a culture of engrained, deceptive, government-sponsored persecution.

~C.S. Holmes for IndieReader 

Read the full review by clicking here!

Ellie Beals is celebrating her 4.5/5 star review from IndieReader for her new book, Emergence!

Ellie Beals employs a clever storytelling method in EMERGENCE that underscores the unusual relationship between the two narrators: 13-year old Xavier’s sections are written in first-person, while Cass’s–a middle-aged married woman–are in third. Hearing Xavier’s direct thoughts and impressions gives him an inherently observational tone, perfect for his self-identified “Just Watching” of Cass, while the remoteness of the third-person gives the characters in Cass’s life a certain amount of necessary distance from the reader. This allows for a slow-burning uneasiness as we initially question and almost fear Xavier’s intentions– is he really just an observer or is he going to become a hunter?

~Shari Simpson for IndieReader

Read the full review by clicking here!

Maria’s book For the Love of Buckwheat – From Appetizer to Dessert has been named a finalist in the category “Best Self Published Book” by the the Gourmand World Cookbook and Wine Book Awards! 

The Gourmand World Cookbook and Wine Book Awards, often noted as the “Oscars” of the food and wine world, were founded in 1995 by Edouard Cointreau, and take place in prominent cities each year. The awards focus on global cookbook and wine publishing and feature many world-renowned chefs, photographers, wine writers and food writers each year.

This year 98 finalists were selected from 1288 entries from 175 countries. The list of finalists can be found here:

For the Love of Buckwheat – from Appetizer to Dessert will now compete in its category against winners from other countries for the Best in the World title. The results will be announced on June 3-6, 2021 at the Gourmand Awards Ceremony in Paris, France.

Good luck Maria!

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