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Tellwell’s Pride Month Booklist

Tellwell Pride Books and Authors

We love books that celebrate identity, love, and pride! 🌈✨

This Pride Month, explore the Tellwell booklist and discover a collection of incredible LGBTQ+ literature by our Tellwell authors.

Nordameris by H. M. Tavares

Nordameris: An Astrological Novel follows fifteen pivotal days in Renato’s life. The futuristic story blends mystery, romance, and comedy as Renato navigates challenges of balance between passivity and aggression, the personal and the political, love and hate, healing and death, and the human and the machine.

While reading about an assassination attempt on the founder of the Pristine Cult inside a combibus, Renato faints, triggering memories of childhood bullying at an orphanage in Transluz. Now in Nordameris, they participate in a research experiment to address painful memories and find self-acceptance, doubting its efficacy. The influence of Pluto on their natal Venus in Gemini becomes apparent when a mysterious stranger from Transluz enters their life, leading Renato to realize the interconnectedness of their past, present, and future.

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Book Giveaways

A Reading Adventure with our June Book Giveaway!

Celebrate June with an adventurous read!

Immerse yourself in thrilling tales that promise excitement and wonder with every turn of the page . . .

Long ago in Stone-age Scotland brother and sister twins have dreams beyond the Custom of the Beaver Clan. Bhòid can only become a Hunter if he shows outstanding courage. Lamed by a fever, Sulaire fears she can no longer be a Healer. After injuring the Headman’s son, Bhòid flees to a desolate island. Can he survive alone? Can Sulaire heal the Headman’s son? Will the twins see each other again?

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews

June Author Highlights

This month we’re showcasing Tellwell authors who have shared their unique journeys, each serving as an inspiration in the literary world!


Peter Gribble, the Tellwell author behind the The City of the Magicians series, was recently featured in Reader Views!

Writing a story can be a strange experience and has parallels with what happens in reality. There’s an occasional sense of being lost but that’s good. Some ideas come fully formed from some underlayer of the creative process. Many times, I just won’t know until it writes itself.

-Peter Gribble
in an exclusive interview with Reader Views

BL Ryan, the author of the book Greystone, also graced the pages of Reader Views Kids!

The work is writing the scenes using the best possible language and connecting the scenes to form a coherent story, usually with many plotlines because I find the back stories of the characters so interesting. 

-BL Ryan
in an exclusive interview with Reader Views Kids
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Tellwell Books

Indigenous History Month Booklist

It’s Indigenous Peoples Day and Indigenous History Month in Canada, and to mark this occasion we are showcasing a selection of books by our Tellwell authors that pay tribute to the narratives, customs, and insights of Indigenous peoples who have profoundly influenced our world.

Understanding Life by Wendy Hill

Wendy Hill’s profound book delves into life, death, and the spaces in between, drawing from her upbringing in a Native community and spiritual experiences that shaped her journey into healing. Wendy also recounts prophecies from various Native sources that came to her through dreams. Overall, the book intimately addresses universal existential questions, shedding light and providing profound insights into life’s mysteries.

Wendy Hill, a Native woman from the Cayuga Nation among the Six Nations/Longhouse people, began her spiritual journey in childhood through dreams and traditional ceremonies. A near-death experience at twenty revealed her healing abilities, which she now shares as a healer and peace-builder across Native communities in North America. Wendy’s work includes hands-on healing for physical ailments and emotional, mental, and spiritual support. She continues to travel extensively, promoting community wellness, awareness of environmental changes, and sharing spiritual guidance and healing wherever she goes. Grab your copy of Understanding Life here.

Burn Journal by Ronald O.W Scott

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews

May’s Literary Successes

Welcome to our monthly spotlight on the success stories of our Tellwell authors, highlighting their journeys to acclaim through book awards and five-star reviews!


Tellwell author Terry Eissfeldt and his book, Anna Wells and the Mystery of the Dusty Duchess, received a 2024 International Impact Book Award in the Mystery and Detective Stories for Young Adults category!

Spinning On A Barstool by Glenda Toews has been recognized with a Silver Award in the category of Overall Grand Prize Non-Fiction by Reader Views!

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews

April’s Literary Success Stories

We’re putting the spotlight on Tellwell authors who shared their unique literary journeys, each emerging as a beacon of inspiration in the literary world!


Joanne Kimm, Tellwell author of the book The Enforcer’s Tale, received the 2024 International Impact Book Awards under the Young Adult Fiction category!

Mamluks of Thunder Island, written by Tellwell author Aly Brisha, received the Silver Award in the Literary Titan Book Awards.


Tellwell author Hunter Snow was recently featured on Find Your Sounds and Tinnitist with her novel Rock Crush and Roll.

This book, at its core, is about navigating relationships. Friends, families, partners, colleagues, and what truly makes you happy at the end of the day.

Hunter Snow, in an interview with Find Your Sounds and Tinnitis

A former North Vancouver RCMP officer, Tellwell author Russ Grabb, shares his story on Global News about his book Traces Of A Boy.

Traces of a Boy is creative nonfiction at its best. True and accurate down to the last detail, it pulsates like a stylized novel. Above all else, it’s the out-loud narration diary of an injured child in search of untroubled peace. As a story that exposes the barbarity of opposite-sex incest, bone-breaking violence, and the depraved indifference of mainstream society, it is by design a hair-raiser with an intensity reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange.


Tellwell author Millian Lloyd Jones was in Florabel, Eden, New South Wales, to launch his book Milli and Max

A unique alphabet learning book and a treasury of fun facts about each sea creature that will delight children and their parents alike. Grab your copy of The Adventures of Milli and Max here.

Growing Pains author Sarah Taylor-Malo recently had her book signing at Indigo Kingston, Ontario.

It’s a story about the ups and downs of: life, love, anxiety, expectations, and self-acceptance. Grab your copy of Growing Pains here.

Author of the book The Heights, Shaelyn Gaskin, was in Mississauga, Ontario, for her book signing.

Delving into the complications of grief, this story examines the hardships of losing a loved one while showcasing the different ways grief presents itself. Ada’s journey, while difficult, seeks to provide the reader with a sense of hope that even the toughest obstacles in life can be overcome with the love and support of those around you. Grab your copy of The Heights here.


Susanne Clark’s book Dishing Love Daily received a glowing five-star review from Reader Views!

I love how the author shares mindful words and concepts in the beginning of the book, how food played a role in pivotal moments in her life. She also describes the book’s origin story. You’ll find space to write down your ideas and inspiration, and extra tips for that special flourish. The tempting images will motivate you to try some of the recipes right away.

-Reader Views Book Review

It’s a five-star review from Literary Titan for Tellwell Author Joanne Kim, for her book The Enforcer’s Tale!

Joanne Kimm’s The Enforcer’s Tale stands out for its captivating plot, richly drawn characters, and thoughtful use of language. It is an excellent choice for those who appreciate novels that blend suspenseful narratives with complex characters and themes, offering a rewarding literary journey.

-Literary Titan Book Review

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Book Giveaways

Turn the Pages with Tellwell’s April Book Giveaways

Delve into an enlightening and transformative literary journey that promises to captivate your imagination and enrich your soul.

Enjoy a month of reading with our book giveaway!

Your Next Favourite Transformational Read

Jose and Lourdes Amoloria’s book, One of the Most Expensive, Iconic and Kinetic Maps of Australia in the World, is about the impact of adversity, grief, and loss, and explores how these struggles, while painful, can also inspire creativity and personal growth, ultimately leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Dream without fear. When dreams are nourished with faith and actions, dreams bloom into realities.

Jose, a self-taught artist, had no formal training in art, no scholastic qualifications and had very challenging life experiences as an international sailor, chef, watchmaker and stone mason. How can one be multi-skilled and pass international standards without proper educational training?

Get inspired by faith and determination that changed the course of life, and be entertained by the unconventional ways Jose educated and equipped himself with skills to achieve dreams and goals. The one-of-a-kind masterpieces in this book and Jose’s life are testimonials that creativity can really transform lives. Miracles do happen, and anyone can manifest miracles if they sincerely believe in themselves and in the intervention of the unseen power of the Supreme Creator.

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Tellwell News

Celebrating Women’s HERstory Month!

It’s International Women’s History Month, and we’re raising a toast to our incredible women and their herstories!

Let’s take a moment to shine the spotlight to the remarkable achievements of our talented women authors who continue to inspire us with their incredible stories.

Blaise Hunter

Blaise is a writer, multi-award-winning humanitarian, international speaker, fertility expert, certified human rights advocate, Mother of Purpose, and Breaker of Chains. Her mission is to heal with her humanity.

Every day we experience assumptions, conflict, triggers, and disconnect, but we never really hone our communication skills. Blaise Hunter, the author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome, takes you on a journey of becoming a Captain Communicator.

Rita Kakati-Shah

Rita is a three-time winner of the Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and the recipient of multiple international awards in recognition of advancing gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, and empowering women, girls, and youth around the world.

The Goddess of Go-Getting tells the compelling story of Rita’s journey with candor and authority as she calls for policy and societal changes that support the backbone of the economy.

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Book Giveaways

March’s Treasure Trove of Book Giveaways

Enjoy the spring season with our Tellwell book giveaways!

Let the pages of these fun-filled tales take you on new adventures, where excitement and wonder await on every page.

Your Next Favourite Bedtime Story!

Crystal Beach takes us on a fun adventure with her book, Two Polar Bears!

What could possibly be better than One Polar Bear? Two Polar Bears! Join this charming polar bear couple as they try to have a peaceful soak in the tub only to be interrupted by four very dirty cubs! This delightful rhyming story chronicles a lovable polar bear family as they go through their nightly bedtime routine. Celebrating individuals with a variety of abilities and disabilities, readers are introduced to early learning skills such as bedtime routines and grooming. With fun and humour, this book also helps children establish healthy sleep habits. Two Polar Bears is an entertaining story and a beautiful addition to your child’s own bedtime routine.

If you can be anything, be inclusive.

Click HERE to get your FREE copy

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews

March Success Stories from Tellwell Authors

We’re setting sail on a literary adventure filled with inspiration!

Let’s raise a toast to celebrate our Tellwell authors making waves in the literary world with their inspiring narratives who have turned their dreams into reality!


Elaine Alec, named BC’s Woman of the Year in 2023, recently shared an update on her upcoming literary endeavours with Tellwell. In her post, she reflected on her journey as an author and discussed the anticipation surrounding her forthcoming publication.

Elaine sold 16,000 copies of her first book, Calling My Spirit Back.

Today I had my first call with my editor at @tellwellpublishing for my second book, Coming of Age.

I am self-published. And I’ve really considered the traditional publishing route, but I’m not just a writer, I’m an entrepreneur. Do I want to make $1 per book in royalties, or $5-$7/book?

This book has been sitting with me for two winters and I’m happy to finally take this next step . . . Editing and rewriting isn’t always the most exciting but it’s really rewarding knowing that it brings you one step closer to getting your book out there.

-Elaine Alec in her Instagram Post

Tellwell author Karen Harmon recently appeared on CFJC MIDDAY! In an exclusive interview, Karen delves into the details of her latest book, her fourth: Class of ’78.

Karen has published all four of her books with Tellwell: Looking for Normal, Where Is My Happy Ending?, Fat and Beautiful, and Class of ’78.


Glenda Toews earned a Silver Award in Non-Fiction in the Reader Views Literary Awards with her book, Spinning on a Barstool.

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