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New Chapter, More Success Stories!

Let’s kick off 2024 with some incredible literary success stories!

We’re shining the spotlight on our remarkable Tellwell authors who are rocking the literary scene. Whether it’s top-notch book reviews, exciting book events, public recognition, or book awards, our authors are out there creating more inspiring stories with every win!


We are absolutely thrilled to share that Joseph Camel has graced the grand billboards of the iconic NYC Times Square, featuring his book Little Joe in The Big City.

Joseph’s book takes kids to an adventure to New York City, learning about the history of different landmarks. It gives kids an idea of what NYC is about, and how you can meet some really great people and new friends along the way.


Get your copy of Little Joe in The Big City here.

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Monique Britten’s novel The Day Before Tomorrow won Book of the Month on Long and Short Review with an overwhelming and unanimous victory!

Grab a copy of The Day Before Tomorrow here!


A glowing five-star review from IndieReader Book Review was given to Caroline de L. Davies and Marguerite Boychuk’s book, Facing Alzheimer’s and Dementia Head On: A Step-by-Step Guide for Care at Home.

Caroline de L. Davies and Marguerite Boychuk’s FACING ALZHEIMER’S AND DEMENTIA HEAD ON is a comprehensive guide to caring for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Written in clear prose and full of useful tips learned from real world experience, the book is recommended for anybody who wishes to know more about the conditions or is seeking practical advice on caring for a loved one.

IndieReader Book Review

A handbook of practical advice based on personal experience in caring for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Get your copy here.

Another five-star-reviewed book! Robert O’Toole received an incredible review from Reader Views with his book, My Journal: Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Kindness.

There is a lot of wisdom packed into this book, and almost anyone is sure to benefit from it. If you need some inspiration in your life or would love to give a motivational tool to someone, “My Journal: Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Kindness” by Robert O’Toole is the perfect choice.

Reader Views Book Review

Get your copy here and take the challenge to spread motivation, inspiration, love, and kindness. 

Here’s the third 5-star-reviewed book on our list! Craig Weidhuner’s Liberator: The People’s Guard: Vol. 2 Genetic Arms Race earned a top-notch review from Literary Titan Award.

…offering a blend of sci-fi intrigue, action, and thought-provoking themes. It stands as a testament to Weidhuner’s evolving narrative skills and his ability to craft a story that is both entertaining and reflective of contemporary issues.

Literary Titan Award Book Review

A page-turner sci-fi you don’t want to miss! Get your copy here.

Finishing the list of these five-star-reviewed books is Angie Vanderwees’s Fostering Resilience: Anecdotes and Affirmations from a Therapist and Fellow Human, which received an incredible review from Reader Views.

“Fostering Resilience: Anecdotes and Affirmations from a Therapist and Fellow Human” offers an opportunity to learn from Angie Vanderwees’ firsthand experience and expertise. Acquiring it is a great step towards a new and powerful way of living. If you want a book that will show you how struggles can be used to play a pivotal role in giving you the right energy to move forward, this is the book for you. It is highly recommended for readers of all ages.

Reader Views Book Review

Get your copy of this very insightful read.

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