Book Marketing Design Showcase

Marketing Showcase: Promotional Designs

Check out some of the creative promotional materials created for authors by our stellar book marketing team!

The book marketing team at Tellwell delivers a variety of marketing services to authors. Among these services, is the creation of branded designs tailored to suit a wide variety of books. In this blog post, we showcase some of the team’s recent favorite designs, highlighting the details from each project.

My Tellwell Marketing consultant is fantastic. From the initial consultation to the creation of my stunning advance website pages, the backgrounder, flashcards, the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy, their professionalism, respect, support for my vision and their made the process incredibly enjoyable.

Millian Lloyd Jones, author of Milli and Max


Bookmarks are the most popular print promotional material for authors and publishers, serving as a practical and engaging tool for connecting with readers. Unlike business cards, which are often stashed away or lost, bookmarks remain in constant use, keeping an author’s name and book title at the forefront of a reader’s mind every time they open their book. At literary events, book signings, and even in everyday encounters, bookmarks can be effortlessly distributed, offering not just contact details and essential information, but also a glimpse into the author’s style and branding through creative design.

Business Cards

Authors’ business cards are an invaluable promotional tool, serving as a compact yet powerful means of establishing connections and enhancing visibility. In the digital age, where information is fleeting and easily overlooked, a well-designed business card provides a tangible reminder of an author’s brand and work. These cards can be effortlessly distributed at literary events, book signings, or casual encounters, ensuring that potential readers, collaborators, and industry professionals have immediate access to contact details and essential information. With the right design, an author’s business card not only conveys professionalism but also captures the essence of their literary style, leaving a lasting impression that can translate into new opportunities and expanded readership.

Book Backgrounders

These custom (double-sided) book backgrounders showcase a book’s unique selling points and provides relevant author information. Book backgrounders act as a books “resume” to help generate interest and buzz.

Social Media Graphics

By aligning with the book’s branding, our social media designs create a cohesive and professional look that attracts potential readers by conveying a book’s unique style and appeal to a broader audience.

Promotional Posters

Book posters are dynamic promotional tools that keep a book’s presence alive in homes, classrooms, libraries (and anywhere else you get permission to post them). These appealing posters capture the essence of a story, sparking curiosity and drawing attention to its themes and characters.

Teaching Resources

Teaching resources such as coloring pages, activity sheets, and teacher/parent learning guides extend a book’s impact beyond the initial reading experience. These supplementary materials engage children with thoughtful ideas and fun activities that reinforce the book’s themes and lessons. By integrating these resources into their learning routines, families can create memorable and interactive experiences that promote continued engagement with the story.

Print-Ads for magazines

In our custom promotional material package, authors have the option to get promotional materials that aren’t offered in basic packages. Below is an example of a print ad, which was featured nationally in print via the Triathlete Buyers Guide.

Post Cards

Post Cards offer a tangible way to connect with people in your extended network, beyond your local community. These compact marketing materials can feature eye-catching designs, book summaries, and author information, making them perfect to mail directly to targeted audiences, creating a personal touch that digital marketing often lacks.

By utilizing these materials effectively, authors can extend their reach, reinforce their brand, and cultivate lasting connections with readers and industry professionals. In a digital world, these physical items remain valuable assets in any marketing strategy.

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