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How To Market Your Book Like a Pro

10 book marketing strategies to maximize your book sales

Promoting your original book (fiction or non-fiction) begins with understanding your unique value proposition.

  • What will a reader get from your book? Is it entertainment? Specific knowledge or insight?
  • Why should they purchase your book over others on the market? Is your story funnier or more romantic? Or can your combined experience and education help a reader’s business grow while teaching them a new skill?

Why it’s Important

Understanding what sets your book apart and why it appeals to specific audiences allows you to craft effective pitches and taglines and develop your overall book marketing strategy with your audience in mind. This knowledge allows you to build a great book with a strong foundation and the opportunity to create an exciting brand.

Some of our tried-and-true marketing tips for authors are outlined below. By understanding these aspects of book marketing, you can better position yourself for greater visibility in the public eye thereby increasing your opportunity for higher sales. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades either; you can hire out for some (or all) of these marketing activities by investing in book marketing services!

Tellwell Team

1.) Design A Great Cover

A great cover is essential for any book, as it is the first impression a potential reader will get of the story. A well-designed cover can capture the essence of the story and create intrigue for your audience, making a reader want to learn more. It can also help the book stand out on a store shelf amongst competition.

2.) Ensure Your Book Is Professionally Edited

Working with an editor ensures that your book is free from typos, grammatical errors, and other mistakes that can detract from the reader’s experience. You want them focused on your content, not what’s wrong with it. A professionally edited book is also more likely to receive positive reviews, which are essential for selling books because they help build trust with potential readers. Good reviews also help to boost the book’s visibility online, making it easier for readers to find it.

3.) Set Up an Author Website

You can use your website to showcase your book, highlight reviews, and promote events related to your book. Additionally, an author website can help you connect with other authors and industry professionals and provide an easy way for people to find and purchase your book.

4.) Take A Great Author Headshot

Great author headshots help sell books by creating a public persona for an author. A good headshot can show an author’s personality and give readers an idea of who they are. It can also help build an emotional connection with potential readers, making them more likely to buy the book. Additionally, a high-quality headshot will help match the professional quality of your book. You don’t want a high-quality book with an amazing cover to be diminished by a lousy headshot.

5.) Gather Blurbs from Your Book

Blurbs help sell a book by providing potential readers with a short yet enticing overview of the content. They are often found on the book’s cover or the bookseller’s website. If potential readers understand a book’s concept and why it is worth reading, they are more likely to purchase it.

6.) Stack Reviews on Amazon

Amazon reviews can help to sell a book by providing potential readers with an understanding of what other people think of the book. Positive reviews provide social proof and encourage shoppers to purchase the book. On the other hand, negative reviews can help authors and publishers to identify what changes can help improve the book. Reviews can also help increase the visibility of the book and make it more likely to be discovered by potential readers through Amazon’s algorithms.

7.) Add The Book to Your Email Signature

Adding your book to your email signature is important because everyone who communicates with you via email will see your book. The signature also provides an opportunity to link to your author website or other online book retailers, making it easier for readers to purchase your book.

8.) Get Featured in Blogs & Podcasts

When authors get featured in blogs or podcasts it gives them the opportunity to share their insights, experiences, and expertise with new audiences. This can help establish an author’s credibility, creating an environment where potential buyers are more likely to purchase their books. Additionally, authors can use their own blogs and podcasts to promote their books, providing potential buyers with a more detailed look at their work and increasing the likelihood that they will purchase it.

9.) Use Your Mailing List

Authors often use email lists to offer freebies such as a PDF version of a previous books, discount codes, or a free sample chapter to entice readers. Monthly newsletters provide updates, excerpts, reviews, promotions, and special offers. Author’s also use their mailing lists to introduce up-and-coming books. 

10.) Use Social Media

Social media has undeniably changed the way authors market and sell their books. With the rise of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, authors can find potential readers without getting off of the couch. These platforms provide authors with unparalleled access to their target audience. Platforms like Twitter, for example, allow authors to connect with their followers through the use of hashtags and direct messaging. By engaging with their followers, authors can create relationships and build trust with potential readers. This engagement can also lead to increased brand recognition and, ultimately, more book sales. In addition to traditional forms of book promotion, authors can also use social media to launch giveaways, Q&As, and more.

When it comes to optimizing your book marketing tactics to increase your book sales, be sure to create a strong foundation by identifying your unique value proposition and the audience you wish to target. Once you have zeroed in on who your audience is, use social media, your author website, reviews, and professional editors and designers to ensure you connect with them in the right way to create an impactful impression that sells.

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Author of the Month

Authorship, toy manufacturing, and living your dreams: author of the month Monika Blichar

Polish-Canadian author Monika Blichar shares advice for aspiring creatives and provides insights on the people and places that have influenced her the most.

I have always wanted to write my own book and I still have some very detailed books I created from elementary school on my bookshelf!

Monika Blichar

Monika Blichar wears many hats. She is both a congenial creative and a goal-oriented entrepreneur eager to create growth and opportunities for herself and others. Monika’s latest project, My Magical Gnome, provides wholesome entertainment to children while fostering creativity and a sense of wonder. In addition to talking about her latest project, Monika also shares her experiences as an artist and entrepreneur.

The first time Tellwell readers saw you was as the illustrator of Murray The Dragon by Cristina Petersen. What sparked the move towards publishing your own story?

I loved working on the artwork for Murray the Dragon, and it was a great way to start learning about publishing, as the author, Cristina, is a good friend of mine who I have known since high school. It was great fun to work with a friend and a talented writer to launch our first real published book together. I have always wanted to write my own book and I still have some very detailed books I created from elementary school on my bookshelf! It dawned on me just before Christmas 2019 that I needed to launch my own book. I feverishly came home from the art studio and told my family all about my idea. For the next two years, I focused a lot on writing, illustrating and bringing to life my own story, which is inspired by my childhood and our hometown of Wroclaw, Poland.

What inspired the story of My Magical Gnome?

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Author of the Month

‘The words in this book are my battle cry’ says Author of the Month: Blaise Hunter

Through a brave story of reflection, trauma healing, and heroism, one author blazes a trail toward better communication

November 15, 2022 / by Ben Graham

This month we celebrate Blaise Hunter, an engaging and insightful author who has turned adversity into empathy and grown as a writer and leader. More than an author, Blaise is also an international speaker, podcast host, copywriter, fertility expert, and certified human rights advocate. A breaker of chains, she tackles the realities of issues women face, from low confidence and lack of identity to social injustices. In 2020 she won the Influencer Award at the Canadian Women of Inspiration Awards.

I am continually birthing my purpose. It is my vision to see others fulfill their dreams as well. – Blaise Hunter

What inspired you to write Captain Communicator?

In all honesty, the meaning behind my work is to stay alive. I wrote this book because I refuse to wither and die emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Disease, miscarriages, trauma, pain, and heartache don’t define me. By reconnecting the communication portals, I starve a rare autoimmune condition and inject healing into my inner and outer world. My book is a deliberate provocation to trigger us forward. Communication is connection. We must connect to the nemesis and let it propel us into growth. We can all relate to experiencing trauma, miscommunication, conflict, and illnesses. My vision was to take the reader along my healing journey and inspire others to heal the dis-ease in their lives by exploring various aspects of communication. Captain Communicator demonstrates the importance of being hungry and desperate to live. Benjamin Franklin is attributed with saying, “Most people die at twenty-five and don’t get buried until seventy-five.” Emotionally not dying is the key to my not dying physically. The words in this book are my battle cry. Vulnerability, humility, courage, and a relentless spirit provoke connection.

Captain Communicator is your second book. As an author, what type of growth did you experience between the first and second book?

Great question. I see exponential growth in my writing skills and confidence with this book. We all began somewhere, and I loved my raw, blind ambition with Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome, but with experience comes wisdom. I have acquired many tools and strategies but saw the most growth with my actual execution of the book launch. Knowing what I want and advocating for the vision to be birthed indicates a blossoming. I also challenged myself to be even braver with my words and vulnerability. Heroine was a courageous step forward in discovering freedom and power. Captain Communicator highlights a woman who has come into her own and is the hero of her story. She still has giants in her life, but she co-exists with them like a true protagonist. I am proud of each stage and how they’ve shaped me into a seasoned writer. 

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Meet the Team

Tellwell publishing consultant Josephine Cataluña talks about her personal inspiration and what each author brings to the world

Authors rely on publishing consultants to advise, inform, and set expectations through the production process. Josephine Cataluña has dedicated herself to ensuring authors access the right services to achieve their goals and bring their dreams to life. In addition to her passion for literary projects, Josephine also finds inspiration from music and nature.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a peaceful person who wants to enjoy life with my favourite people. I love animals and nature, especially white sand beaches. Summer is my favourite season. I do yoga and sing a lot. I was a bit of an introvert, especially during my younger years. I just hang out and open to a couple of friends. People who have high self-confidence who get to speak or perform in front of a huge crowd amazed me, maybe because I was not as confident then as I am now. I also enjoy learning about different cultures, cuisines, and fashion styles. I am a fan of romantic-comedy novels and movies.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What I enjoy most about my role is being able to talk with different people from different walks of life and hearing about their life experiences and inspirations for writing their books. I get to understand things from their perspective, and I gain wisdom with each encounter, because more often than not I resonate with the stories they share. And when the book project is already done, it gives me a different fulfillment knowing I have helped an author figure their way forward in terms of publishing.

What does a typical week look like for you at Tellwell?

It gets quite busy at the start of the week with all the booked appointments and inquiries (by phone or email), talking with different authors, all at a different stage on their publishing journeys. Then I spend the middle part of the week towards Friday negotiating contracts while keeping in mind their service needs and what solution I could bring to each author.

What is a question you get asked the most by authors? How do you answer it? 

The question I get asked the most is “How much does it cost to publish?” and I answer it with full transparency, making sure that they understand the value of each service they will be paying for.

Do you have an achievement that you are most proud of? What inspires you to succeed? 

I am proud of my Sales Rookie 2022 award, because it means a lot of authors trust me and my consulting. I might be a neophyte at book publishing, but I am very passionate at delivering quality service and genuine advice. I understand the value that each author brings to the world.

If you authored a book, what would it be about? 

If I were to publish a book, it would probably be about love in general and how it impacts a person’s transformation in becoming the best version of themselves.

What do you enjoy doing most outside work? 

Singing and spending quality time with the people I love.

Do you have any good books or content to recommend? 

I do have a short list of romance novels that I would love to get a hold of by the end of the year. A couple of them would be the latest releases by Nicholas Sparks.

What inspires you? 

Ambition, happiness, and doing new things. Seeing someone achieve their dreams, seeing someone’s smile, doing adventures and thinking about happy moments with my daughter, family and friends—these are what inspire me. The beauty of nature, too!

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Author of the Month Tellwell Books

Overcoming fears and conquering dreams – Coach Mark Teague on resilience, determination and ambition

American high school football coach Mark Teague offers inspiring advice to young authors and shares what he’s learned through his author journey.

Mark Teague the author, speaker, double-cancer survivor, and now a name that is known throughout the world.

Mark Teague is a nationally recognized American football coach. His debut book, The Conquering Dreamer: Using Your Dreams to Conquer the Obstacles of Life with Passion and Purpose, chronicles the significant challenges he faced throughout his life and how he overcame them. Mark’s inspiring resilience can help readers learn to overcome their own obstacles.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a high school football coach currently residing in Louisiana. I’m a husband and father of two adult sons. Raised in the state of Alabama, I have coached in various states throughout the southeastern portion of the United States. I have been blessed with invitations to speak as both a public motivational speaker and a football clinic speaker throughout the United States this past spring and summer. I’m a graduate of Troy University (Troy, AL) with a B.S. in Secondary Education Social Science.

What inspired you to write The Conquering Dreamer?

I was diagnosed with and defeated two different forms of cancer (throat & prostate) in 2019. My cancer journey, along with a challenging trek through childhood that continued into adulthood, and my ability to chase my dreams and conquer all challenges that came my way in pursuit of my dreams, was the impetus behind authoring my autobiography. After some coaxing, I was convinced that I had a story the world needed to read. The catharsis it offered me could be well served as catharsis to someone needing the motivation to continue onward in this often difficult and unfair journey we call life.

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