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Dan Russell, former host of Sportstalk Radio is making headlines and other Tellwell author success stories

With so many talented Tellwell authors, it can be tricky to highlight the continuous successes and accomplishments of all of them! Their success stories grow in number with each passing month, and we couldn’t be more proud of all of our authors and their hard work.

It’s been another exciting month for Tellwell authors, from award wins to interviews with major media outlets to incredible reviews!

Media Mentions

Dan Russell

Pleasant Good Evening, a Memoir: My 30 Wild and Turbulent Years of Sportstalk

Pleasant Good Evening, a Memoir is the #1 new release in General Broadcasting on Amazon! It’s also . . .
#1 in Hockey (Books)
#1 in Hockey Biographies
#1 in Hockey Sport Biographies

Dan Russell, a Canadian broadcasting legend, flipped the script and was interviewed and featured by numerous media outlets this month! Get to know Dan and his debut novel on Global News, Sportsnet, The Jas Johal Show, Radio NL 610 AM, CFAX radio, Healthy Living Network, and CBC with Gloria Macarenko.

With its blend of guests, callers, opinion and entertainment, Sportstalk kept growing and growing until it had become appointment radio. And it seemed most of British Columbia was buckled in as we travelled home and away in 1994 — on game nights and off nights, weekdays and weekends, often extending well past midnight — during the Canucks’ most memorable playoff ever.

The Vancouver Sun

For more information about Dan and his work, visit his website at

Rishma Govani

Sushi and Samosas

Rishma continues to spread the word about her children’s book, Sushi & Samosas, far and wide, with media mentions and social media features. Get the full scoop on Rishma and her book on The Star, York Region, 365 Days 365 Women, @ainarasbookshelf & @RKaderdina

The book advocates diversity, tolerance and cross-cultural understanding, and believes that breaking down barriers by the spoon is an essential introductory step for kids to learn more about the world around them.

The Star

To learn more about Rishma Govani @sushiandsamosas

Julian Tryst

Garvey Feinstein: Hollywood Predator

Julian Tryst is a fiction author from Canada who likes to observe the messed-up aspects of human nature and make stories out of them.

InsideScoop Podcast

For more information about Julian and his work, visit his website at

Jessica J. Wohlgemuth

Bop-It and No More Covid

Jessica Wohlgemuth is a country prairie girl who grew up on a little hobby farm passionate about animals. Her two favorite bunnies were named Flip and Flop. Oh, how she loved her soft fluffy pets! Now with nieces and nephew spending hours chasing their own bunnies, she couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like if bunnies lived in a sort of people world, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

InsideScoop Podcast

To learn more about Jessica Wohlgemuth and her work, visit her Etsy shop: The Hidden Pine Tree

Paul A. Sacco

Strategy Quest: The Executive Guide to Finding Business Opportunities

In his role as President of Propheta Lucro Management Consultants, Paul Sacco develops and delivers leadership development programs that enable people to create, verify and decide ideas for strategy, innovation, and complex problem-solving. He is also the author of Strategy Quest – The Executive Guide for Finding Business Opportunities.

Inside Scoop Podcast

To learn more about Paul Sacco and his work visit and

Vince Santoro

The Final Crossing: A Tale of Self-Discovery and Adventure

The story takes us back to what has become known as “the cradle of civilization.” It’s a story about freedom, love and the guiding hand of a god; a journey that still holds true today. As we strive for the same goals, we question our beliefs, we change our behaviours, we hold on to what has served us well, and, we redefine ourselves and our world for a better life. It’s a story that entertains and perhaps helps us see life in a different way.

The Star

To learn more about Vince Santoro and his work visit

Monique Duclos

Inked Caffeine

What’s the main reason someone should really read this book?
Because it’s fresh, fun, and exciting. It has adventure, romance, and drama. There’s action and violence, but also touches on some more serious subjects that the gay community still has to deal with today. There are relatable personal life issues for different individuals. It’s an LGBT romance novel that’s never been told before and has you eagerly turning every page.


For more information about Monique and her work, visit her website at

Vali Benson

Blood and Silver

“Blood and Silver” won several awards, including the Arizona Authors Association’s Best in Fiction prize in 2021, but it was not blessed with good timing.

It released April 4, 2020, just as Americans began locking down because of COVID. Bookstores were closed. Schools and libraries were functioning only online. Sales were hard to come by, but the author was not dissuaded.

“People are asking me what happened to Mary? What happens to the girls? I think we may need a sequel,” Benson said with a smile.

Arizona Daily Star

To learn more about Vali Benson and her work visit


Ernest L Canning

The Bean Sidhe

Ernest L Canning has crafted a fast-paced, thrilling, and riotous examination of the many ways in which human will is trumped by chance and circumstance. Jovially and cleverly written, THE BEAN SIDHE is a breath of fresh air.

4.9/5 STARS ~Neil Czeszejko for IndieReader

For more information about Ernest and his work, visit his website at

Kyrie Wang

Enemy’s Keeper: Forbidden Ties

ENEMY’S KEEPER: Forbidden Ties (book one in the Enemy’s Keeper series), shares detailed information about a tumultuous medieval period from a peasant girl’s perspective. Author Kyrie Wang presents historical YA fiction interwoven with nonstop action, nuanced characters, and hints of romance in this riveting series starter.

4.7/5 STARS ~Cameron Gillespie for IndieReader

To learn more about Kyrie and her work visit

Phil Earle

I’ll Go the Length of Meself: The Story of Newfoundland’s Daring Rascal, Captain Guy Earle, North America’s Youngest Master Mariner

I’LL GO THE LENGTH OF MESELF is not only a touching tribute to Skipper Guy Earle, author Philip Earle’s father and greatest hero, but also a warm, nostalgic look back at an entire culture and its character and values.

4.5/5 STARS ~Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader

The author’s biography is also a memoir—he recounts his own youth under Guy’s tutelage, recalling his introduction to a mariner’s life at 8. Guy’s career was a truly memorable one, endearingly captured by his son, who also intelligently limns the end of a schooner era that was ultimately destroyed by government policy.


Monique Gliozzi


Monique Gliozzi’s trailer for Vestige received an honorable mention by the Indie Short Fest – Los Angeles International Film Festival!

For more information about Monique Gliozzi and her work, visit her website at

Wayne Thomas

Perspectives: 17 Things I Learned About Living Your Best Life While Battling a Terminal Illness

Wayne Thomas’s book Perspectives was top 3 of 8 Best New ALS eBooks To Read In 2022 by BookAuthority.


Lisa Bournelis

Louie and the Dictator

Another achievement unlocked for Lisa Bournelis! She had a book signing at Indigo Robson with her son Louie, to whom she dedicates the book.

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