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How to market your book while on vacation – Tellwell’s book marketing tips


School’s out and many are packing up the car en route to their next summer vacation. Meanwhile, the book you’ve spent the winter editing, revising and finalizing was just released this spring and your marketing plan is set and ready to be executed. As you glance at the calendar you realize the 3-week overseas holiday you booked a year ago is fast approaching. Your first thought is: Well I guess my marketing is just going to have to wait until the fall…

As an author, you’re not immune to taking a well-deserved holiday, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your book marketing on hold. So, before you jet set off on your next summer adventure, check out Tellwell’s top 5 marketing tips to keep the momentum going from wherever your travels may take you.

  1. Slip some promotional materials into your carry-on. You never know who you may encounter while traveling, and it can’t hurt to have some spare business cards or bookmarks on hand if you meet some new potential readers.
  2. Share updates of your adventures online.
    Take pictures throughout your time away, and when you find a WiFi spot along the way, share them on social media or as a new blog post on your website. If you’re relaxing poolside with a good book, tell your audience what you’re reading. Or, if you’re exploring a new city, tell your fans about a recent discovery that might inspire new writing material.
  3. Set up an online advertising campaign before you leave. Whether it be on social media, Amazon or Goodreads, consider launching some advertising to showcase the book in your absence. For more on advertising, check out this article:
  4. Visit a foreign bookstore.
    If you have the chance, check out a local bookstore to get a sense of what they stock and why. Take a peek at the section your book might fall under to see how your book might stack up to the competition. If you think your book would be a good fit at the bookstore, you could even ask a staff member about their process for consignment and events.
  5. Send off some review copies of your book pre-vacation. No matter what time of year, the review process – whether it be for awards or festival consideration, or a professional or high-profile review can be a lengthy undertaking. So before your trip, mail off some copies of your book for others to read and review during the time you’re away. Be sure to take note of the dates and deadlines so you can follow upon your return.


If your marketing plans get put aside to accommodate some time away, don’t stress. Take the time away to relax, celebrate, and recuperate. When you get home and fall back into your day-to-day routine, be sure to revisit your marketing plan and pick back up from where you left off.


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