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Tellwell Author Success Stories – publicity and book launches

From book launches to media mentions to an exclusive IndieReader interview, Tellwell authors have had a busy month!

Great work getting your books out there, everyone!

Richmond Hill author Rishma Govani has been generating a lot of positive buzz for her world-travelling children’s book Sushi & Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations! 🍣

In the last month alone, Rishma has participated in an interview with Global’s The Morning Show, an interview with the I just [blank]! Now what? Podcast hosted by Jessica Stephens, an interview with Global’s Good Morning Hamilton radio show, an interview with 105.9 The Region’s parenting talk show Where Parents Talk, an interview with Global radio show The Start, an interview with popular Calgary radio show Mornings with Sue and Andy, and an interview with Global’s The Shift. And there’s more to come!

The Spy Network
by Kamea Aloha Jr. & Kealani Lafontaine

Calgary children authors Kamea Aloha Jr. & Kealani Lafontaine sat down with CBC’s The Homestretch with Doug Dirks and Jenny Howe, promoting their debut book The Spy Network! πŸ“»
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You can hear the full segment here.

Louie and the Dictator
by Lisa Bournelis

Vancouver author, blogger, podcaster, taekwondo black belt, healthcare change consultant, and former humanitarian aid worker Lisa Bournelis was a guest speaker at TEDxSFU on November 20! TEDxSFU is an independently organized event organized by students and alumni volunteers at Simon Fraser University. It brings people together to share a TED-like experience while promoting ideas worth spreading.

Lisa spoke about the growth after a period of challenge that creates a new individual, mindset, skillset, and spirit, and weaved themes from her book, Louie and the Dictator, throughout the presentation!

You can watch the full TED Talk here.

The Poet & the Angel
by Jennifer Chapin

Back in May, Tellwell author and publishing consultant Jennifer Chapin received a 4 Star review from IndieReader for her historical fiction novel, The Poet & the Angel.

Jennifer recently spoke with IndieReader about her advice for other self-published authors, her writing journey, and what inspired her to write The Poet & the Angel.

“Believe in yourself, and in your voice.”

Jennifer Chapin

You can read the full interview here.

Jennifer Tempest – The Cardinal War

Edmonton-based author Jennifer Tempest hosted a magical book signing for her debut fantasy novel The Cardinal War, complete with stunning angel wings!

With no known heir to the Empire, four conflicting noble families will use whatever means necessary to claim power for themselves, but only one can become the next ruler. While the nobles fight amongst themselves, some people of the Empire struggle to survive.

The Cardinal War tells the story of Eileen, a young woman who grew up on the streets of Mordale. After a stormy night of loss, fear, and escape, Eileen is suddenly plunged into Mordale’s political turmoil, and her fate is intertwined with a warm-hearted but strict-to-his-duty messenger of the Empire, Daithi.

Colleen Bishop – Goodnight from Heaven

Florida-based author Colleen Bishop debuted her new children’s book at her local hometown market in Lithia!

Goodnight from Heaven and Hammy the little hamster helps parents speak some big truths into the heart of a child . . . and also their own.

Renata Quattro – My Life is Nuts! A Chipmunk’s Tale

Mississauga-based amateur photographer-turned-author Renata Quattro held a book signing for her photography book! She’s even been invited back to promote her two new books in the Nutmeg the Chipmunk series over Christmas.

My Life is Nuts! A Chipmunk’s Tale captures the hilarity of a saucy chipmunk named Nutmeg that Ms. Renata met while working from home during the Covid-19 lockdown. Nutmeg jumped onto her laptop to indulge in her trail mix, and since then the two have created a trusting friendship that has produced some entertaining results!

Nutmeg loves fan mail; you can find him on Instagram at @Nutmeg_the_Chipmunk.

If you have some exciting news to share, connect with your Tellwell team members. We’d love to hear from you and celebrate your success!

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