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Tellwell designer Von on what makes a great book cover

Tellwell Book Cover Designer Von Langoyan

A really great book cover is one that captures the book inside it in some fundamental and, perhaps, unforeseen way.

Von Langoyan, Tellwell book cover designer

What do you enjoy most about designing book covers?

I enjoy the creative process of capturing and evoking the essence of a story through visuals. The cover needs to both intrigue a reader and give them a sense of the book’s genre and content. I enjoy staying up to date on design trends and using them in my process so our covers look fresh and contemporary.

Our authors sometimes have a vision for how they would like their covers to look, and I work with their input to create something they would love, and that is also captivating and current.

Where do you get your design inspiration?

Social media and the Internet, in general, are great for inspiration. I follow artists and designers who I admire to see what they are working on.

What have been some of your favourite covers that you’ve created for Tellwell? Tell us why.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on several book covers for the talented fiction author Monique Gliozzi, who lives in Australia. Monique’s books Foresight, Vestige and Diversity are paranormal thriller/mysteries and we wanted the covers to evoke a sense of supernatural spookiness.

Monique had a clear idea of what type of cover she wanted and provided us with really great, detailed instructions. I used a number of design elements to create a sense of haunting and mystique, such as the illusion of depth, partially hidden titles and objects, and surrealism.

What advice do you have for authors who are beginning their publishing journey and don’t know what type of cover would work well?

My advice for authors is to research the book covers in your genre that are on the bestsellers list this year. Browse through your genre and other genres to see what is trending and what is selling.

Also, stay open-minded. Sometimes the initial idea authors had in mind for their cover, can turn out better once a designer puts their magic into it. Designers can surprise you and take your idea somewhere new.

What are your favourite cover design trends?

I’m into minimalistic cover designs. I appreciate a clean and simple cover that evokes a clear message and feeling.

In your opinion, what makes a really great book cover?

A really great book cover is one that captures the book inside it in some fundamental and, perhaps, unforeseen way.

What is your creative process when designing a book cover for an author?

My creative process when designing a cover is to understand the content of the book then identify key motifs, symbols, ideas, characters, or settings that can be visualized in some way and while acknowledging its genre.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also like playing video games when I have time.

What type of books do you enjoy reading? Any recommendations?

I love to design books but I’m not much of a reader. One of the books that I’ve read which I would recommend is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I appreciate the law of attraction philosphy which states a person can change their life by changing their thoughts.

Here are some more Tellwell book covers designed by the talented Von!

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