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Meet Francis, our Book Publishing Consultant

In this Meet the Team feature, we’re proud to introduce you to Francis Lu, one of our talented book-publishing consultants.

Francis plays an important role in connecting with authors who are interested in sharing their stories with the world. Read through to learn more about Francis and his role at Tellwell!

What does a typical day look like for you as a book-publishing consultant?

A typical day of a publishing consultant can be summed up in three words: Many. Phone. Calls. This is because a publishing consultant would typically aim to have as much opportunity as possible to speak with authors, learn about what their goals are, and provide guidance and suggestions to help authors achieve their dream of publishing their book in a way that is easy, simple and fun:)

Building strong relationships with authors is crucial in your role. How do you approach initial contact with potential authors, and how do you nurture these relationships over time?

I just try to be as genuine as possible when approaching an author, and being genuinely interested in whatever topic or theme the book might have. I check in with them when we are scheduled to speak, and make sure I’m available when they might have any questions or concerns.

Can you share some tips or best practices for effectively communicating with authors and establishing trust and rapport?

Best practice is be to be as familiar as possible with our different packages and services. By giving as much information as possible, and answering as many questions an author might have, I am able to build up trust so that the author will feel confident moving forward.

What do you find most rewarding about your role?

Seeing the books of authors I personally worked with reaching the final stages and being published is the most rewarding thing about my role. I always feel a sense of pride in my small contribution to bringing the book to life.

How do you personalize your approach to meet the needs of each author you work with?

By learning what each author has planned for themselves, making extensive notes on what we covered in each call, and by listening to what their needs are.

How do you manage expectations and ensure authors are satisfied with the publishing process and the final outcome?

By giving them a realistic idea of the timeline and process, and having them look at other finished works to see the quality Tellwell can accomplish.

In your opinion, what sets Tellwell Publishing apart from other companies? How do you communicate these unique selling points to potential authors?

I always highlight two big things that sets Tellwell apart from other companies: how Tellwell provides not only the option of earning 100% of the net royalties, but also a means to actually see the numbers every month through the use of Octavo’s monthly sales reports; and how Tellwell provides a unique approach at providing marketing services for an author, creating a customized list of services that are the best fit at helping the author not only reach their target audience, but also break through the noise and stand out.

Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring authors considering publishing with Tellwell? What should they know about the process, and what can they expect from working with you and the team?

I would advise authors to have a plan for their book going in, with a working budget and a possible package in mind, so we can offer clarification on what makes various packages different.

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