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Guest Post: Publishing Consultant Mitchel Anderson celebrates two years at Tellwell

img-20171024-wa0006What brought me to Tellwell at first was my determination to have a career in books and literature. As soon as I could reliably make my way through a novel at a young age, I would be asking for a new book every week until I had amassed what is a small library. The value of a good book was never lost on me which can be heard in stories my family would tell about how particular I was about the condition of my books. This carried me through my English Literature degree from York University in Toronto where I had the pleasure of arguing about the meaning of books with people much smarter than myself.

What drew me to Tellwell specifically was the different perspective we take to publishing in general. While authors I have known would lament about the difficulties of finding a publisher I would always ask why they didn’t self-publish, but the logistics never seemed to make sense for them. When I first arrived here at Tellwell and spoke to our founder Tim Lindsay, I realized the rare opportunity we had to put the freedom and control back in an author’s hands and help contribute to the global body of literature.

Coming in at the ground floor I had rare opportunities to be heard in the development of our company and I have always made it my responsibility to listen to the feedback we receive from our authors about their experiences here and elsewhere and use that to help shape our direction going forward. My favourite parts of my job are listening to our authors discuss their projects and being able to step in with my expertise to show them that what was previously an intimidating venture is actually very approachable as long as you have clear information and the right team.

At the end of the day, I firmly believe that creator-owned fiction and nonfiction is the only way to guarantee a diverse and lively discussion in literature. If every author listened to rejection and never took a chance on their vision, we would never have seen the likes of Dr. Seuss nor would we have the influential The Joy of Cooking, which was originally self-published during the Depression and used as a proof of concept for further consideration with traditional publishers. This is a route many of our authors take here at Tellwell and we do everything in our power to make sure they are situated in the best possible way to do so.

Outside of the office, my love of literature and creativity persists as I am an avid comic book reader and collector. Every Wednesday I can be found raiding the shelves of my local shop Curious Comics with my four-month-old son in tow as I indoctrinate him into a wonderful world of pop culture history and creativity. Beyond that, my lovely wife and I are not above binge watching high quality (and some low quality) television on any given day except Sunday. Sunday is for football in the Anderson house.

Looking towards the future here at Tellwell I am excited to see the success of our authors grow and to help shepherd them through future projects, all with the aim of seeing the profile of independent authors grow here in Canada and abroad. As our authors succeed and our profile continues to grow, I’m excited about all of the new opportunities and services that we will be able to offer our authors to better help them share their vision with the world.

To all of our authors in the world, good luck and thank you for trusting us with your books!

-Mitchel Anderson


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