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Meet Christian, Our Talented In-House Book-Publishing Consultant!

Meet Christian Añasco! As our talented book publishing consultant, Christian is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your publishing journey.

Take a moment to get to know Christian!

How did you first become interested in book publishing, and what led you to join Tellwell as our in-house publishing consultant?

I am a fan of dystopian and fantasy books, but the question of how exactly they were made never occurred to me. Before Tellwell, I had zero knowledge about how publishing works. I was at a stage where I tried to pinpoint unknown areas of my life that were causing me discontent and left my job of five years to breathe. After that break, I came across this opportunity, a total pivot from being in software development to publishing. I am a guy who believes in the importance of continuous learning, and it has been my goal to be proficient in something new, be it in knowledge or practical skills. Why not get a grasp of how these paperbacks are being put together? Very informative!

Could you share some key highlights or memorable experiences from your journey here?

As a career shifter, every experience has been educational and surreal, especially when I am among the few who witness an aspiring author’s draft transform into a tangible book. Moreover, in our remote work setup, I rarely see the rest of the team in 3D. However, each instance of Tellwell providing occasions for us to come together and commemorate achievements, regardless of their scale, has left a lasting imprint in my memory. 🍻

What inspired you to pursue a career in the publishing industry, and how has your perspective on it evolved since joining Tellwell?

This question made me reflect on the initial consultations I had. It was nerve-wracking! Through Tellwell, I have gained a new outlook, cultivating appreciation for the collaborative work between authors and publishing professionals as we navigate the world of book creation and publication. I really thought that you had to have an established name and writing background to publish. I didn’t know self-publishing existed. With the help of my colleagues, I can now confidently answer questions I used to ponder about the publishing industry. 

Could you describe a typical day in your role, and some of the main responsibilities you handle?

A typical day as a publishing consultant involves getting in touch with aspiring authors who have sent inquiries. We do informative consultations with authors over the phone and sometimes a video meeting to assess their needs. A publishing consultant’s main responsibility is to accommodate the questions authors have about anything they want to learn in the publishing process, even if it is just an inquiry to seek information about Tellwell’s services. We are here to help our authors see the bigger picture of publishing, and let them know that there are options if they want to self-publish. 

Tell us about a project or client that has been particularly rewarding or challenging for you, and what lessons you’ve gained from that experience.

This is not a particular case with an author, but a general and common event that is both rewarding and challenging. Tellwell is a Canadian company connecting with emerging writers globally. Most of the authors I assist are first-time writers who have set their hearts to the goal of becoming published.

As a consultant assigned to foreign markets, specifically Australia and Europe, I am able to address concerns about things like communication barriers and timezone differences. I encourage my authors to express their feelings openly, and I address any concerns by being transparent, showing my authors why Tellwell deserves their trust. 

When authors take a leap of faith with Tellwell, it fulfills me. We are only afraid of things we do not understand. 

How do you stay updated on industry trends and innovations in book publishing, and how do you incorporate these insights into your role at Tellwell?

I continue to apply my goal of continuous learning to my role at Tellwell. Despite being with the company for almost two good years, I still perceive myself as a newcomer. I consistently engage in research. I am fortunate that Tellwell and its management handle most of the legwork to keep the team informed and equipped with relevant updates through our channels.

What sets Tellwell apart in the book-publishing landscape, and how does that influence your approach to working with authors?

Tellwell is the most transparent company out there. As the initial point of contact for authors seeking assistance in publishing, I strive to handle our first connection with integrity, discussing pricing, royalty percentage, clientele, services, etc. Also, a few members of our team are self-published authors who went through the same hurdles as our clientele will. Tellwell and its processes were established and designed by experienced individuals of this modern era of self-publishing who wanted to eliminate any potential hiccups.

As part of the Tellwell team, how do you work with other teams to ensure a smooth and successful publishing process for our authors?

Clear and open communication is non-negotiable for us. We do regular check-ins and constant status updates with other departments, which are both essential for each project and its author’s success. 

Can you share any upcoming initiatives or improvements within the book-publishing department that our authors and clients can look forward to?

Our authors are usually very specific with the kind of work they need assistance with. Tellwell has noticed that there are future writers with brilliant subjects or stories who may need some help getting started. To accommodate them, we just launched our writing and book coaching services. Through a book coach, authors receive the guidance and tools they need to turn their ideas, experiences, expertise, and stories into fully-formed first drafts while gaining confidence in their writing along the way. It’s another exciting venture for Tellwell and its authors. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

I enjoy exploring new destinations by traveling both domestically and internationally. You’ll probably spot me in a place that offers a good cup of iced coffee. Freediving has been another hobby of mine for quite some time, and I am considering getting a certification to motivate myself to go beyond my limits. Also, working from the comfort of my home for five days a week is not exactly comfortable. Another way I unwind and have a good time is by spending some loud nights in a club in the city, adding a social element to my leisure activities. I just hope none of my family reads this!

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