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Introducing our in-house publishing consultant: Get to know Ryan Booc

Meet Ryan, a trusted book-publishing consultant at Tellwell, with one year of dedicated service to our team. He’s here to make your publishing journey a success!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi there! I’m 34 years old and I absolutely love medieval fantasy books. I’m also a big fan of movies, anime, and manga.

How did you end up in the world of book publishing?

A friend of mine encouraged me to dip my toes into the publishing industry, and I’m genuinely grateful that I took the leap. I find great satisfaction in my work, where I assist budding authors in their initial steps of the publishing journey. I guide them through the various options at their disposal and outline how we can support them through every phase of the process.

What does a typical day look like for you in your role as a book-publishing consultant?

A typical day for me involves reaching out to new clients who have submitted inquiries about publishing. When they’re available, I conduct a brief assessment to understand their needs and determine if our services are a good match for them. If not, I make every effort to provide guidance and direct them to the right resources.

 I also take the time to explain the intricacies of the publishing process and highlight key aspects of our services that they should consider. Furthermore, I craft customized publishing packages tailored to their specific requirements.

Additionally, I follow up with clients I’ve previously spoken to, inquiring if they are ready to proceed with their projects. This ensures that I provide ongoing support and maintain a connection with our clients throughout their publishing journey.

What do you find most rewarding about helping authors with their publishing journey?

The most rewarding aspect of assisting authors with their publishing journey is witnessing their dreams and creative visions come to life. It’s incredibly fulfilling to play a part in helping them transform their manuscripts into published works that can be shared with the world. Knowing that I’ve contributed to their success and that their stories, ideas, and experiences are now accessible to a broader audience is truly gratifying.

Can you share a piece of advice for aspiring authors looking to publish their work?

After completing your manuscript, it’s common to feel uncertain about the next steps. My advice for aspiring authors is to embrace research and reach out for guidance. Understand the publishing process, connect with experienced authors, and explore different publishing options. Seek professional support for editing and design and start planning your marketing strategy early. Learning from others’ experiences is a valuable resource. With the right knowledge and support, you can navigate the path to publication with confidence.

What do you think sets Tellwell apart in other book-publishing services?

What distinguishes Tellwell from other book publishing services is our sincere commitment to supporting authors throughout their publishing journey. We prioritize transparency by clearly outlining our services and associated costs. Moreover, we take the time to educate authors about the publishing process, distribution mechanisms, and royalty structures. Our exceptional back-end support ensures that our assistance extends beyond the book’s publication, providing authors with continued guidance and support.

As a publishing consultant, you work closely with authors. How do you build and maintain good working relationships with them?

I build good relationships with authors by listening to their needs and being honest about what we can do. If there’s something we can’t handle, I provide alternative choices. We keep things clear and open, and I let authors know they can reach out if they face issues in the future, and I’ll find solutions quickly or direct them to somebody who can.

What’s a book that has had a significant impact on you personally or professionally, and why?

A book that had a profound impact on me was a collection of short stories that I read during my elementary school days. Although I can’t recall the exact title, I vividly remember the joy it brought me. Filled with tales of fantasy and fables, it ignited my love for reading at a young age. This book not only entertained me but also kindled a lifelong passion for literature, setting the stage for my personal and professional journey in the world of books and publishing.

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work?

Outside of work, my interests include indulging in movies, beach outings with my family, watching anime, and biking.

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