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July’s Page-Turner Giveaway!

Are you ready to be swept away by the thrilling experience of a brand-new page-turner? If your answer is an empahtic yes, then you’re in for a treat!

This month’s book giveaway will surely keep you flipping from one page to the next.

Here’s your next favourite read!

A Thrilling Must-Read!

Unravel secrets and mysteries with Bonnie Randall’s book, The Shadow Collector: Natalya & Owen

Undercover, on skid row . . . Owen Brophy, summoned by a street psychic, is alarmed when she knows his real name—and unnerved by her obstinate question: “Who did you abandon back home?”

Home. The Okanagan Valley. Owen hasn’t been there since he was a kid. Hasn’t seen his oldest friend—a guy he once loved like a brother, a man he’s long been estranged from—in years. Yet the psychic forecasts an ominous collision: past will crash against present when his old buddy exhumes a long-concealed secret—a secret more than one person has died for.
A secret someone will kill to keep hidden.


Unannounced, at her door . . . A grisly package arrives for Natalya Nikoslav, its cryptic verse clearly written by someone who knows her history something she, abandoned as a toddler, has never been able to unearth on her own. Shaken, Natalya scours her psychic shadows to see where this package has come from. She’s shocked by what she sees: her tombstone.
Its death date waxes and wanes alongside an enigmatic spectre, a man she almost—almost!—recognizes, begging for her help. A retrocognitive, Natalya knows her psychic shadows are limited to the past . . . yet this man is unmistakably calling out from her future. And he’s frantic—they’ll both die if she doesn’t come home.
But . . . where is home? Who is he? And when she finds him will she know . . .


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