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Celebrating September’s Tellwell authors success stories!

We’re always proud to celebrate with our authors, and share how remarkable they are!

It’s another incredible month this September for Tellwell authors. Keep reading to find out about our most recent author celebrations, including media mentions, reviews, and events!

Media mentions

Author of The Price of Protecting Others: A Memoir of a Country Cop, and the impact on Himself, and his Family, Roger Eichler, was interviewed about his book on Australian True Crime Podcast. Go Roger!

Discover an inspirational read and get your copy of The Price of Protecting Others here.

Having worked as a social worker and clinical manager before becoming a writer of children’s books, Christina Gitta-Low and her book Be Wild were recently featured in a KidlioMag interview. Way to go, Christina!

Are you up for a fun read? Grab your copy of Be Wild here.


Diana Lee received an impressive review from IndieReader for her book Silently Said.

Diana Lee’s Silently Said reveals intimate details of her life story with refreshing candor. In caring for her mother and sister and coping with her father’s alcoholism she reveals understanding and compassion and succeeds in evoking obviously difficult memories with touchingly simple prose.

Indie Reader Book Reviews

Be inspired by this book about a journey through illness and addiction. Grab your copy of Silently Said here.

Bryan Cole received another great review from IndieReader for his new fantasy series, Beginning of Arrogance: Book 1 of A Paladin’s Journey.

A fast-paced high fantasy quest in the tradition of Dungeons & Dragons with bloody, action-packed battle sequences aplenty, Bryan Cole’s Beginning of Arrogance features solid world building, a strong protagonist, and a spirited cast of familiar fantasy characters.

IndieReader Book Reviews

If you are in the mood for a thrilling adventure, this is a story you don’t want to miss! Grab your copy of Beginning of Arrogance here.

Henry Van Berkel received an excellent review from IndieReader for his book Walks by Big Alex’s Pond.

Exploring the cyclical nature of life through a pair of life stories set a century apart, Henry Van Berkel’s Walks by Big Alex’s Pond is an effortless read that examines some difficult topics.

If you are up for exploring the cyclical nature of life through a pair of life stories, then this book is for you! Grab your copy of Walks by Big Alex’s Pond here.


French Author Paul Lavigne in a recent book signing for his début novel La Quête – L’Odyssée d’André Poutré at La Librairie La Liberté, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Québec.

Follow the journey of André Poutré, known as Lavigne, an apprentice cobbler from a small village in the northeast of France who suddenly heard the call of King Louis XIV, who was asking for volunteers to protect the inhabitants of New France from sneak attacks by the Mohawks.

Grab your copy of La Quête – L’Odyssée d’André Poutré here.

“The book signing at Chapters was a lot of fun and a good success. They are carrying my book on the shelf at that location currently. I have another signing at Indigo next month! So far, I have 10 reviews on Amazon (5/5 stars) and 3 reviewed on Goodreads (also 5/5). I have sold about 60 copies now in total, and given away a handful of others.” – Mira Back-Shannon, author of Polymath.

Inspiring us to each define our own way, this book is definitely a must-read! Grab your copy of Polymath here.

Here’s Nancy-Angel Doetzel at her book launch for An Eye for the Highest and Best.

Christina Gitta-Low had her first author event (of many) at the Port Stanley library this weekend!

Follow the adventure of her book and its characters in Be Wild!
Grab your copy here.

Cheers to an incredible month! We are thrilled to see more of everyone’s success stories. Congratulations!

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