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Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay

by Blake “Crash” Priddle

Read IndieReader’s interview with Blake “Crash” Priddle, author of Good Morning, Blake, where he also shares his advice for other indie authors.

Blake also had great interviews in the National Autism Canada podcast, Calgary City News, and CTV News!

What’s the main reason someone should really read this book?

I feel that others on the spectrum, their families and those in their lives like teachers, might find comfort in many familiar issues autistic people face. Some may be inspired from reading what I’ve gone through, survived and thrived.  Readers who have little or no experience about autism (besides Rain Man or the Good Doctor), will gain compassion for folks that are ‘different’.

Blake “Crash” Priddle, author

Can I Have Pancakes for Breakfast?

by Jessica Calic

Author of Can I Have Pancakes for Breakfast? Jessica Calic was featured in SooToday!

This children’s book tells a story that spotlights how valuable it is for parents to cherish moments and memories they make with their children.

“I needed to remind myself to appreciate the time I have been given and the precious moments I have at home with my kids. I am realizing how fast time does go and how fast kids grow up.”

Jessica Calic, author of Can I Have Pancakes for Breakfast?

A Different Type of Bombshell: The Tin Hats’ Journey Through World War II

by Ruth Stanley

The Edges of Lean podcast guested Tellwell author Ruth Stanley in one of their episodes, featuring her historical memoir, A Different Type of Bombshell.

My father spent the war in drag. Yes indeed, he was a brunette bombshell known as Trixie. He was a Canadian soldier trained in combat who was just “one of the boys” until he transformed into a female impersonator with the Tin Hats. This all-Canadian military entertainment unit was the first Canadian Concert Party in the Second World War.

Ruth Stanley, A Different Type of Bombshell

The Cardinal War

by Jennifer Tempest

Jennifer Tempest, author of fantasy fiction The Cardinal War has guested in several interviews!

Read her interview with Book Goodies here and get to know her more in this fun interview hosted by Catrin Russell.

The Chronicles of Deneb

By Zanne Raby

Sci-Fi author Suzanne Raby, who invested in our marketing outreach, joins Amanda Kalhous in her podcast WMN Canada – Women’s Mentoring Network of Canada. Listen to this episode here:

Check out her sci-fi series here.

Mimi, the Solo Magician Mom, and Cameron: A Donor Conception Story

by Melissa A Macdonald

Children’s book author Melissa Macdonald is here to talk about donor conception. Told from a donor-conceived child’s perspective, this book aims to promote a greater understanding of how families can come in different forms.

Read her interview with The Standard here!

Real Procurement Transformation – Powerful, Sustaining

by Alan Hustwick

Read Alan’s advice to fellow authors in his interview with IndieReader. Real Procurement Transformation is IndieReader Approved, receiving a four-star review!

The Last Hotel

by Joni Scott

The Last Hotel by Joni Scott received a 3 out of 4 stars from! Read the review here.

Even though the subject is heavy, the author delivers it in a light manner, emphasizing the great things that were born out of this unique experience, like some life-long friendships and romances. Actually, after reading the whole book, it seems that the characters needed the virus in order to rediscover themselves.

Laura Bach,

Warrior in the Mud: Childhood Trauma, Adult Drama, and Reclaiming My Toxic Life

by Nicole Martin Salter

A five-star rating for Nicole Martin Salter’s Warrior in the Mud!

Read the full review on IndieReader!

Nicole Martin Salter’s WARRIOR IN THE MUD is an uplifting memoir of an extraordinary life, written with skill, insight, and no small amount of courage.

Anthony Aycock, IndieReader


by Scott Kimmins

Peppered is IndieReader approved, with a five-star rating!

Read the full review here.

PEPPERED shows the ripple effect one person can have on countless others, whether it’s just for a moment or years at a time. How different lives can weave between each other in unexpected ways and change them in the blink of an eye.

Jessica Thomas, IndieReader

Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land

by Craig Weidhuner

Receiving a four-star rating from Literary Titan, Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land open the Mystical Force series.

Read the full review here.

Mystical Force: Vol. 1 Stranger in a Strange Land is a riveting fantasy adventure novel that consistently engages readers. This is a fantastic starting point for a genre blending series that takes modern earth and inserts some intriguing science fiction ideas to create a page-turning adventure.

Literary Titan

Facets of the Past: No Dark Deed Goes Unpunished

by Monique Gliozzi

Monique’s latest book Facets of the Past AND Vestige earned a five-star rating from The Book Commentary!

Check out the review on Vestige here.

Monique Gliozzi has the gift of grabbing and sustaining the attention of readers with the lively characters, the dark intrigue, and the unexpected twists. The characters are elaborately developed, genuinely flawed, and sophisticated. The superb world-building leaves any reader with a strong sense of place so vividly portrayed it becomes alive in the reader’s imagination.

Jane Riley, The Book Commentary

Eating These Foods Makes Me…

by Kalifa Rodriguez M.Sc, RD, CBS

IndieReader approved! Read the review here. This book introduces basic nutrition to young readers, with pages graced with positive affirmations.

Well organized, easy to understand, and beautifully illustrated, EATING THESE FOODS MAKES ME… is an excellent introduction to basic nutrition concepts for early readers.

Edward Sung, IndieReader

Cheers to another month of achievements!

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