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Tellwell author success stories: Celebrating milestones in the media

Book marketing is a crucial aspect of a book’s success. It takes a lot of hard work and effort, but the payoff can be worth it. We are celebrating a number of authors this month who have done a wonderful job promoting their book in the media, speaking at events such as TEDx and even starting their own podcast. One of our authors even invested in a huge ad campaign with her local transit line.

Lisa Bournelis’ TEDx Talk is now live. Watch here!

Louie and the Dictator

by Lisa Bournelis

My Life is Nuts! and the Nutmeg the Chipmunk series

by Renata Quattro

Following her release of the Nutmeg the Chipmunk series, Renata Quattro held her second book signing at Chapters – Vega, in Mississauga, Ontario!

The Ticklefish Adventure

by Shooshnick Roquefort Vattelsquat, III

The Ticklefish Adventure by Shooshnick Roquefort Vattelsquat, III received a 4-star review from IndieReader!

THE TICKLEFISH ADVENTURE is a beautifully illustrated seafaring tale featuring friendly fish, a hungry whale and a lost sea turtle. At its heart is a simple moral tale of how lending a helping hand, or fin, is always the right thing to do. So, God bless the Ticklefish and all who sail in her.

– Kent Lane for IndieReader

Read the full review here.

Alan Hustwick’s Real Procurement Transformation also received a 4-star review from IndieReader!

Alan Hustwick’s pragmatic, no-nonsense style makes for a slim, densely-packed manual that will be of interest to procurement professionals looking to overhaul their procedures. The real value of REAL PROCUREMENT TRANSFORMATION, however, may lie in the innovative vision and mindset the book offers senior leaders who can improve business performance and reduce costs by rethinking the role of procurement in their organizations.

Edward Sung for IndieReader

You can read the full review here.

The Art of Self-Supervision

by Laurie Ponsford-Hill

Laurie Ponsford-Hill’s The Art of Self-Supervision received a 4-star rating from IndieReader!

THE ART OF SELF-SUPERVISION by Laurie Ponsford-Hill offers valuable insights for art therapists – or anyone – experiencing career exhaustion and burn-out, though the depth of detail and clinical approach may make it a tedious read for casual fans of self-help books.

Libby Wiersema for IndieReader

The full review can be read here.

Lily and the Gift Planet Earth

by Colette B Ramazani

Lily and the Gift Planet Earth by Colette B Ramazani received three 5-star reviews from Reader’s Favorite!

Told in simple language, primarily through dialogue between Lily and her friend, Emma, the story is easy to read for young readers. The brightly colored illustrations are spectacular and certainly help move the story along. Comparing Planet Earth to a gift that must be cherished is a clever way to teach young readers the importance of our planet and all that lives on it. The message is a subtle but powerful one to inspire young minds to think of what they can do to help protect Planet Earth for generations to come. Beautifully told and presented.

Reader’s Favorite

Shelter from Our Secrets, Silence, and Shame

by Rebecca L. Brown, MSW, RSW

Rebecca L. Brown’s book, Shelter from Our Secrets, Silence, and Shame, got three 5-star reviews from Reader’s Favorite!

It takes courage and resilience to write a book like Shelter from Our Secrets. Rebecca Brown boldly demonstrates by example as she opens her own heart and tells her own story. In her crisp narrative, you learn what separates people who manage to face their dark struggles and how it has shaped them to become a stronger and better version of themselves over those who chose to let their secrets and shame define them.

Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite

Find the full review, plus two others, here!

Redemptive Trauma

by David Giffen

5-stars from The Book Commentary for Redemptive Trauma by David Giffen! Read the full review here.

As the reader follows David through the narrative, they begin to develop a completely new perspective to understanding and nurturing faith, one that stands contrary to the “holier-than-thou” attitude that characterizes contemporary religious trends.

Cristina Prescott for The Book Commentary

You Can Do Anything

by Danni Maynard

Author of You Can Do Anything, Danni Maynard, was interviewed by IndieReader. The book also received a 4-star review.

I was looking for a book to read to my daughter to inspire her. She sees her mum do many things such as teaching at university, manage a team in the Air Force and fly planes, as well as studying to complete a PhD. I couldn’t find a book at her age group (3yrs) that portrayed this message in a way she could grasp. So, I decided to write it.

Danni Maynard on what inspired her to write the book

Read the full interview here.

Newbia 2

by Chelee Cromwell

Chelee Cromwell advertised the second book, Newbia 2, in the Newbia series on metro transit buses! Also, you can watch her interview with In Focus here.


by Ryan Lawrence

Check out Ryan Lawrence’s interview with IndieReader for Vindictive! Vindictive has also received a 4-star review from Literary Titan!

Vindictive is a riveting murder mystery novel that will have readers turning the pages to find out what happens with Jules and how the lies she has been told unfold. A fast paced novel perfect for readers looking for action, suspense and thrills.

Literary Titan

How Not to Get Fired

by Verena Moselle

Author of How Not to Get Fired, Verena Moselle, has started her own podcast! Check it out here, where she talks about How to ask for a permanent workin- from-home arrangement.

Author of The Emerald Prison of Terror, David Matley gets featured in Manotick Messenger!

Congratulations everyone!

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