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Tellwell Authors Share Their Success Stories

From editorial reviews to features in the news, these authors have a lot to celebrate! Congratulations, everyone. We love to see your success.

Grandfather’s Key by Amanda Dauvin

In a recent interview, Amanda Dauvin offers a look at her life before she became a published author, public speaker, teacher, and mother. Much like in her children’s book, Grandfather’s Key, she shows us that the smallest things often have the power to make the biggest impact.

Click below to watch the 4 minute interview.

In an open and fascinating interview on the Journey’s Gift Podcast, Cecily Pouchet Alexander discusses her experience of immigrating to Canada, as well as what it’s been like to survive hardships like racism and microaggressions in different stages of her life. She also offers interesting insight into her new book Immigration, Race and Survival. From Trinidad to Canada: Living in Parallel Worlds.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Vindictive by Ryan Lawrence

Self-Publishing Review couldn’t believe that Ryan Lawrence is a first-time author. Check out their five-star review for his debut thriller, Vindictive:

“A deliciously wicked thriller about a commanding woman out for revenge, Vindictive is an enticing tale of lust, assassins, and the wealthy behaving badly. After uncovering a scandalous secret about her husband’s past, Jules Cartell plots his demise while climbing the Canadian corporate ladder, but unfortunately someone’s also scheming to take her down. It’s hard to believe Vindictive is a debut, as author Ryan Lawrence writes with the crisp confidence and witty repartee of a master novelist.”

See the rest on Self-Publishing Review here.

“Set in South Sudan, Tabitha Biel Luak’s authentic and revelatory story about the dangers of treating boys and girls – and ultimately men and women – as different classes of citizen speaks clearly on what it is to be human,” says Eleanor Rudd for IndieReader. “This message could be explored in any setting—anywhere where difference and marginalization exists—but the author brings authentic and tragic knowledge of the specific unfairness of this small South Sudan community, drawn from her own and her friends’ experiences.”

What a Godly Privilege to Be Born a Man received 4/5 stars from IndieReader, and you can read the full review here.

You Can Do Anything by Danni Maynard

“Danni Maynard’s YOU CAN DO ANYTHING is wonderfully illustrated, positive and inspiring children’s book with a central message of optimism, equality and dreaming big,” says Joseph Sharratt for IndieReader.

“Some children’s books hide their moral lesson beneath hijinks and adventure. Others put their message front and center. Danni Maynard’s YOU CAN DO ANYTHING falls firmly into the latter category. Pleasingly this makes it easy to discuss the themes with young readers as you make your way through the story together, which is great in a book with a message as important as Maynard’s.”

To check out IndieReader’s 4/5 star review for You Can Do Anything by Danni Maynard, click here.

THE ACCIDENTAL ENTREPRENEUR: Turning Tragedy into Triumph to Embrace My Destiny in Entrepreneurship by Serena Holmes is an introspective, hopeful self-help tome offering detailed facts and figures regarding one woman’s journey towards creating a self-sufficient, self-actualized life.” – C.S. Holmes for IndieReader.

“Encouraging readers who may also be embarking upon some form of self-employed adventure, the author pays close attention to mistakes made, outlining valuable lessons learned by trial and error along the way.”

Read the full 4/5 star review of The Accidental Entrepreneur on IndieReader.

“In FROM A STRIDENT WORLD OF SOFT PREVAILING THINGS, Aldyth Irvine Harrison celebrates the beauty of the world around her. It is a wide-ranging collection of skillfully constructed, multi-layered poems that are wise, joyous and accessible,” says Kent Lane for IndieReader.

“In her new book, Jamaican born poet Aldyth Irvine Harrison sets her sights on the natural world around her. Her concerns are both the physicality of being, for animal and vegetable and mineral, and the spiritual essence of humanity. Although FROM A STRIDENT WORLD OF SOFT PREVAILING THINGS is a collection of poems that could loosely be termed environmental, they are not “protest poems” as such. The poet’s observances focus on the fragility of the world and the necessity for humans to stop, look and listen to the beauty that surrounds them in every moment.”

IndieReader praised From A Strident World of Soft Prevailing Things in a 4.5/5 star review. You can read the full thing here.

Once again, congratulations to each and every one of you!

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