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“Gisèle L Grieves’ COUNTRY HEARTS is beautifully told story, with chapters interwoven from both Sam and Jenny’s points of view, allowing readers to follow the growth, changes and twists and turns that they face as they learn more about themselves and their budding relationship. The story flows almost effortlessly, from the opening lines through the final scenes, while picturesque descriptions of rural farmland and wilderness provide background as Jenny faces down every obstacle that life throws at her, as she learns to let down her defenses for a chance at love again.

A perfect blend of passion and romance, COUNTRY HEARTS by Gisèle L Grieves takes readers through tragedy to true love, with plenty of twists and turns in between.”

– Sarah Baer for IndieReader

“Grieves’ throughout WILLOW’S RIDGE is fairly literal, which complements Ally’s forthright attitude. There is little or no superfluity to the writing. Dialogue is nicely authentic between all characters and importantly weaves nuggets of backstory through the various conversations. The linear, single narrative is relatively uncomplicated. Nonetheless, each chapter contains dramatic elements which build interest, heighten suspense and maintain the rapid pace. Life is, on the whole, pretty wonderful for Ally, and this syrupy, near-perfection conversely begins to lend the narrative a creeping sense of foreboding. This growing apprehension is instrumental in the book being hard to put down.

WILLOW’S RIDGE is an emotional rollercoaster of a book with a strong lead character and a story that takes a profound and unexpected turn. Well worth a read.”

– Rose Auburn for IndieReader

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