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Meet Tellwell book-cover designer Benjam Mosquera and learn his favourite cover-design trend

Tellwell book-cover designer Benjam Mosquera has been a valued member of the Tellwell team since 2018. He has ten years of book-design experience and is passionate about creating covers that draw people in at first glance. Read on to learn Benjam’s favourite book cover-design trends and hear his advice to authors working with book designers for the first time.

What inspired you to become a book-cover designer?  

I began my book-design career working as an interior book designer. I was really inspired seeing beautifully created cover designs by my teammates, in bookstores and online. It led me to learn how to artfully create book covers. I have been enjoying creating book covers for a decade now.

Where do you draw creative inspiration from?

I am often inspired by film posters. I’ll search for the designer’s name and look through their work for more inspiration.

What advice do you have for authors working with a book designer?

Clear instruction is really key. If an author has a specific vision for their book, then it’s important for the author to relay detailed instructions for the cover designer. That allows the designer to more easily visually interpret the instructions.

We are also creative individuals who love taking a concept and running with it. So if authors don’t have a clear vision for their book cover, that’s OK. That’s why we are here, to put in our professional touch and create magic. Showing covers that you love and want to emulate also go a long way.

What are some of your favourite book-cover design trends right now?

Minimalist cover designs are a huge design trend right now that I am loving. I am drawn to simple yet eye-catching covers. Here are two that I’ve had the pleasure of designing that illustrate this theme well.

What type of book covers do you absolutely love doing?

I love creating sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Please share with us a handful of your favourite book covers you designed for Tellwell?

I’d love to! Here are just a handful of my favourite covers. These are good examples where the author provided clear instructions while also allowing my the freedom to play with their vision and inject my creativity into the design.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love playing basketball and cooking. Those are my two main hobbies. Spending quality time with family, especially my son, is a huge priority. One thing I learned during the pandemic is that life is too short, so spend quality time with your loved ones. Make every day special.

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