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Authors in the wild: launches, and signings, and tours, oh my!

Now that the world is opening up to a new normal, our authors are diving back into the world of author events. This past month, we’ve seen some fantastic meet-and-greets, readings, and even a cross-country launch! We’re so happy and proud to see our Tellwell authors getting themselves out there to promote their books!

Paula Gregory – Dream High As The Sky

Mississippi-based children’s author Paula McClellan Gregory finished off the month with an adorable book launch at the Gumtree Bookstore to promote her inspiring children’s book Dream High As the Sky. Paula’s book launch included a fun read-along, a discussion about the children’s dreams, colouring time, snacks, exclusive bookmarks to go with signed copies of the picture book, and even a giveaway for a Dream High As They Sky t-shirt!

Dream High As They Sky follows little Zach (based on Paula’s grandson) as he discovers life’s possibilities and ways of achieving his dream of flying like the birds high in the sky. This high-flying children’s book encourages your little ones to follow their dreams. After all, Zach can tell you, “I dreamed as high as the sky, and my dreams came true.”

Paula has a couple of more events coming up soon so stay tuned to to learn more! 

Jennifer S. Segarra – El Lechon Choncho Otherwise Known as Choncho the Pig

Miami children’s author Jennifer S. Segarra hosted a meet-and-greet at the Coral Gables Barnes & Nobles to promote her hit children’s book El Lechón Choncho Otherwise known as Choncho the Pig. The event was such a success that Jennifer will be hosting monthly events at the store so that everyone will have a chance to meet her adorable character Choncho (based on her mother’s childhood pet pig). 

To make things exciting for the kids, Jennifer included gift bags at her event featuring some branded bookmarks, colouring pages with crayons, bubble blowers and her Tellwell bok backgrounder! 

“Be on point to sell your book. Always be ready to market and sell your book to someone”

– Jennifer S. Segarra, Most Important Book Event Tip

Lemika Early – A Letter From An Angel: Poetic Angels

Illinois-based author, YouTube personality and close friend of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, Lemika Early went all out to launch her debut book A Letter From An Angel: Poetic Angels. Lemika hosted her book launch in Los Angeles, California, not only to celebrate her first book being published, but to pay respect to the person who inspired her to share her writing with the world, Tupac Shakur. On launch day, which would have been Tupac’s 50th birthday, Lemika arrived in California, where she met with other rappers, fans, and readers to promote Tupac’s legacy and A Letter From An Angel: Poetic Angels

This beautiful poetry volume pays homage to the late icon while also showcasing the inspirational and moving side of Lemika. The book is meant to motivate readers, provide hope and faith, as well as help them deal with grief and beating life’s obstacles. After the impact of 2020, this book should be on everyone’s read list!

You can follow along with the A Letter From An Angel: Poetic Angels on Lemika’s Instagram @lemikasummer96.

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