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May Spotlight: Celebrating Tellwell’s talented authors

Welcome to another exciting month, where we gather to celebrate the incredible wins of our talented Tellwell authors!

This month of May, we’ll put the limelight on our Tellwell authors and celebrate their wins, including awards, media mentions, events, and great reviews.


Eldonie Mason, author of The Adventures of Princess Anyah of Antibarba: The Fishing Expedition, was recently honoured with the 2022 Picture Books (Ages 3–8) Fiction prize from Story Monsters Book Awards.

Princess Anyah is a fun-loving six-year-old who lives with her family in a palace on the tropical island of Antibarba, located in the Caribbean. Come join Princess Anyah as she goes on her first big adventure, a fishing expedition, with her dad, King Ananda. Who will catch the most fish? Let the adventure begin!

Grab a copy of The Adventures of Princess Anyah of Antibarba: The Fishing Expedition by author Eldonie Mason here!


Caroline Rayfield, the talented author of The Adventures of Milo Chow, delighted a group of enthusiastic first-grade students at Branksome Hall with a special reading of her book. The excitement was contagious, and as a result she sold 35 copies of The Adventures of Milo Chow.

In the early hours of a cold February morning, a four-month-old puppy named Milo Chow is put on a plane heading to Toronto. He has left his family for a new life. Unsure of what he will face, Milo is put on a path that will hopefully bring him to a new family.

After joining a rescue in Toronto, Milo soon discovers that things don’t always go according to plan. Facing challenges from the very start, Milo has to put his trust in a total stranger.

This puppy enters a world that is completely different from the one he has known.

Milo soon finds his voice and discovers that trying to be a good boy isn’t always easy.

Embark on an exciting adventure with Milo Chow and grab a copy of the book here!


Author Adrian Lortie’s book, Zoe and the I Can’t Monkey, has received an exceptional 5-star review from ReaderViews.

Zoe and the I Can’t Monkey by Adrian Lortie is a charming tour de force that will captivate even an attention-wandering child. Valuable takeaways and life mantras for children and adults alike lie in this virtuosic performance. Lortie’s evocative language elucidates the book’s unfettering theme: the power of self-affirmation to overcome life’s challenges.


Don’t miss out on the fun adventure of Zoe and the I Can’t Monkey by Adrian Lortie. Get your copy here!

Author Clifford Williams received an exceptional 4-star review from Indie Reader for his book Starve the Wolf.

Despite its seeming simplicity, Starve the Wolf by Clifford Williams is full of challenging poems that take time to come fully into focus. They are personal, intimate reflections that very slowly reveal their craft and the singular thoughts of their author.

Indie Reader

Delve into this remarkable collection of poems by Author Clifford Williams and grab your copy here!

Author Linda Chamberlain has received an incredible 5-star review for her book Howling with Huskies. Read the full review here and immerse yourself in the book’s charming world.

Howling with Huskies by author, scientist, and Alaskan Linda Chamberlain simply and directly passes along ways that children (and adults, too!) can more easily manage stress and other feelings. The book is wonderfully illustrated with charming pictures and fabulous colors. The Northern Lights are gorgeous.

Karen Siddall

Don’t miss out on the captivating journey of Howling with Huskies by Linda Chamberlain. Get your copy here!


Author Michelle Dallago has collaborated with a group of talented individuals to create this charming lyric video that perfectly complements her book, I Can Do Anything.

Make sure to grab a copy of the book here!

Here’s another delightful video featuring the book Shirley the Perky Turkey, skillfully crafted by our talented writer Paul Hart.

It’s not easy being a perky turkey. Shirley the turkey lives on a farm where it seems like the other animals don’t appreciate her energetic personality. One morning, she decides to embark on a journey to find someone as perky as she is.

Will she find a friend who appreciates her peppy poultry perkiness?

Don’t miss out on the fun adventure of Shirley the Perky Turkey, and grab your copy here!

Delve into the magical and mysterious world of Craig Weidhuner’s latest book, Mystical Force series, Volume 5: Shadows and Darkness. Watch the captivating video trailer and get ready for an exciting journey with magic and action!

You can grab a copy of Mystical Force series, Volume 5: Shadows and Darkness by Craig Weidhuner here.

OK! Magazine recently featured author Misha Saidov and his book, The Efficiency Journal. Read the full interview and hop on an enriching journey with Misha on self-improvement.

This journal, created by renowned coach and psychotherapist Misha Saidov, will help you become the hero of your own life. It was created to assist you in setting important goals, reaching them, and winning. It will support you along the way, especially when you find yourself lost or confused. The Efficiency Journal will help you stay on track.

If you’re looking for your next go-to read, make sure to check out The Efficiency Journal by author Misha Saidov. You can grab your copy here!

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