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Tellwell authors, do you ever rest? So many of you have accomplished so much over this last month! We’ve seen interviews, online book readings, reviews, awards, and book launches. You continue to impress and surprise us!

Take a minute to sit back and relax so we can celebrate each of you!


We’re especially excited to celebrate this first review. Tellwell’s own Jennifer Chapin received a terrific 4-star rating from IndieReader for her book, The Poet and The Angel.

You may have connected with Jennifer when you started your self-publishing journey with Tellwell. She’s been with our team as a publishing consultant since nearly the beginning! We love seeing reviewers like IndieReader recognize her talent as a writer.

THE POET AND THE ANGEL is a moving exploration of the life and death of Frederico Garcia Lorca that offers historical insight and cultural relevance. While the plot is spare, the author’s language is enchanting.

“Chapin’s lyrical language and talent for crafting evocative imagery consistently elevate this book beyond typical historical fantasy. For example, Angelina is introduced with a poetic description: She twirled round and round like a spinning top, her hair an aureole of red and gold. Her skirt swirled around her in fuchsia disarray, like the petals of a flower opening its arms to the sun on a warm summer day.” – Lisa Butts for IndieReader.

Click here to read the full review for The Poet and The Angel.

The Hollywood Book Review had nothing but great things to say about Monique Gliozzi’s new thrill-ride of a book, Facets of the Past.

Facets of the Past: No Dark Deed Goes Unpunished is undoubtedly a successful work. Very quickly, the book puts you on your toes. It starts to become a real page-turner all without the standard cheap elements designed to move forward a plot. It truly does feel like a fully realized world that you can get lost in and the characters are memorable. I loved how the author thrust us into the life of the antagonist and how in the plot, he was slowly becoming a victim of the unknown. ” – Lily Amanda for Hollywood Book Review.

Read the full review here.

First time author Karen Bailey recently published Obsidian Mine. The Prairies Book Review had nothing but great things to say about the first book in Karen’s new urban fantasy trilogy, calling it, “Hypnotic, bold, and deeply seductive…

Karen has made quite the literary debut! Here at Tellwell we already can’t wait to see what’s next from this author.

Read the full review of Obsidian Mine here.

Children’s author Renée James received a 4.5/5 star review from IndieReader! Patroosh, The Cheeky Pelican, inspired by a real-life cheeky New South Wales pelican, offers an entertaining story, beautiful illustrations, and a great lesson!

PATROOSH, THE CHEEKY PELICAN is an entertaining read for younger children and is beautifully illustrated by Edward Box. The book is certainly accessible, with short chunks of straightforward prose surrounded by plenty of free space and accompanied by colorful pictures that are illustrative of the story.” – Amanda Ellison for IndieReader.

Read the full review of Patroosh, The Cheeky Pelican here.

IndieReader gave Amanda Dauvin a 4-star-review for her new magical and heartwarming children’s book, Grandfather’s Key.

“Through magical realist illustrations and a simple but compelling story, GRANDFATHER’S KEY offers an interesting spin on an age-old theme.” – Anthony Aycock for IndieReader.

Click here to read the full review of Grandfather’s Key.


PAUL M. VALLIANT has worked in the field of clinical and forensic psychology since 1980. His early research regarding the physiology and psychology of aging has allowed him to understand some of the issues people face as they age. He has included some of these strategies in his new book, Life After 60: In Search of Optimal Aging, to allow the aging person to experience the maximal benefits of life.

Paul was recognized by The Eric Hoffer Project and named as a finalist in the Eric Hoffer Book Category. This is a major accomplishment! Less than 10% of nominees earn this title.

We included Christie Lea in our post for Mental Health Awareness Month. Her book, Safe In Starry Arms, shows us that we all have a place in this vast and wonderful universe. We’re also featuring Christie and her talented illustrator, Di, here for their incredible accomplishments.

Safe In Starry Arms earned a Silver Nautilus Book Award in the Children’s Illustrated/ Fiction category. The motto at Nautilus is Better Books for a Better World. Christie’s book certainly fits within this theme.

Christie and Di were also shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer da Vinci Eye Award, an award for books with superior cover artwork. The story is also factored in to who earns a spot on this coveted list.

Safe In Starry Arms also earned recognition from The Canada Book Award, a program that recognizes and promotes Canadian authors outstanding accomplishments.


Gurpreet Goes to Gurdwara, by Harman Singh Pandher, is the story of a young Canadian kid with an active imagination and a healthy curiosity. Every Sunday morning, the Singh family goes off to Gurdwara: the Sikh place of worship. But what for? And why does it matter? These are the big questions that Gurpreet – and children of every religion and culture – eventually begin to wonder as they try to make sense of their family’s beliefs and customs. Join Gurpreet on this educational and entertaining journey as he goes to Gurdwara and sees it, this time, in a whole new light!

Harman, educator and author, recently read his new book via video call with The Canadian South Asian Network. After, host Roop Rai interviews Harman to discuss his journey in self-publishing, and the importance of representation of South Asian characters in literature.

You can watch the interview here.

Renée James is having a great month! The Clarence Valley Independent recently featured her in the article, Monkey see, monkey do.

“Writing a children’s book is, “something I’ve wanted to do my whole adult life,” says author of Patroosh, the Cheeky Pelican, Renée James.

“I try to live my life thinking I can’t preach to my kids to achieve their dreams if I don’t do the same thing myself. I believe in monkey see, monkey do – I feel very passionate about that with children, especially in their early years.”

Read the interview here.


Dr. Greta Archbold, author of the gripping memoir, Church on a Death Ship, recently hosted a book launch with her community in New South Wales, Australia. Dr. Archbold’s book takes you through what it was like to be trapped on a cruise ship off the coast of Italy just as the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

“My book Church on a Death Ship was launched on 29 April 2021 by Dr. Rev. Michael Jensen at St Mark’s Church, Darling Point. My editor, Herman D’Hondt, gave a short talk, and I held a Q&A session,” says Dr. Archbold. You can see a recap from the event here.

Great work everyone! We love to see it. For more author news be sure to follow Tellewell on Instagram and Facebook.

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