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Take a look at three of our new releases – a travel memoir, a sexy thriller, and a self-help book about the power of procrastination.


walking-to-japanReleased November 1

Derek Youngs’ dream to walk to Japan took him throughout the world, trekking over 25,000 km, facing danger, not knowing where he would sleep or find his next meal. He became known as the Peacewalker, gaining international attention.

Born in an air raid, Derek Youngs was thrown into the harsh reality of humanity’s dark side with his first breaths.

Youngs came to believe that peace is a process rather than a destination, beginning with the individual in relationship to self, then others, then the planet. For him, letting go—of attachments, of power, his own ideals, and even relationships—was key. His focus shifted from the external to the internal, and peace became a mantra, not a manifesto.

Part memoir, part collection of parables, Walking to Japan shines with simple wisdom, humour, and love.

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evera-darkReleased October 13

For Evera Grant, life is a constant game of death and deception. With her horrifying past buried, her present and future belong with The Section; a rouge, black ops agency where she is both seductress and assassin. Despite the constant danger hovering in her life, it’s Adam–The Section’s most lethal weapon–that stands to be her biggest obstacle. He’s sexy, beautiful, and the only man in her heart. For Evera, their bond is permanent and unbreakable, but for Adam, the line she’s incapable of crossing has become a chasm.

But just as the tension between her and Adam reaches a breaking point, The Section sends Evera on an urgent mission. A mission that sets her skills and her heart against a target unlike any she’s ever encountered. As this deadly and compelling man draws her further into temptation, the lines begin to blur between love and desire. But then fate steps in, igniting a destructive chain of events that leaves Evera scrambling … and wondering who, if any of them, will make it out alive.

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procrastinate-nowReleased October 4

Just imagine what would happen to your motivation and confidence if you thought of your procrastination as a mark of intelligence rather than a sign of incompetence. Or if you said to yourself while procrastinating, “wow, isn’t this interesting?” rather than “there is something wrong with me!”

Procrastinate Now challenges everything we think we know about procrastination by taking a unique, up-to-date scientific approach – an approach that encompasses concepts and strategies that are derived from objective evidence, not just whimsical ideas.

Rather than feeling like a failure because you procrastinate, you’ll understand the real psychological reasons you do it and how to use it to confidently and consistently achieve your tasks, goals and desired outcomes. Yes, you read that right – you’ll learn how to use procrastination to get things done!

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