Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Getting to know Simeon from Tellwell’s Development Team

Say hello to Simeon from Tellwell Publishing, our talented developer! Simeon loves simplifying processes. From improving payments to creating smooth online spaces, he’s our digital wizard. Read on to get to know Simeon a little better!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi! I’m Simeon, but you can call me Mon. I’ve been working as a developer for almost ten years, and I really enjoy taking photos and videos to capture memories.

How did you first get into development? What sparked your interest?

When I first got into web development, it was back in the Friendster days. I had to learn basic HTML/CSS to make cool profiles. I also got into development through playing the game Dota, where I started messing around with trigger editors and basic AJAX.

What does the typical day of a developer at Tellwell look like?

At Tellwell, a regular day starts with a daily huddle, where we talk about what we’ve done, what we’re working on, and any issues we’re facing.

What do you enjoy most about working on development projects?

What I like most about web development at Tellwell is making things more efficient. I enjoy finding ways to make tasks easier for everyone and reduce manual work.

Can you share an example of how your development skills have directly benefited a project or the team at Tellwell?

Recently, my team and I improved the royalty payout system, changing it from writing checks to a faster bank-deposit method. It used to take four days, but now it only takes an hour.

In what ways do you collaborate with other departments or team members to enhance the overall user experience on Tellwell Publishing’s platforms?

Working with other teams is a big part of my job. When I’m working on projects, I always think about how users will experience new features to make sure they’re easy to use.

How does your expertise in development contribute to creating a more engaging and user-friendly experience for authors and readers on Tellwell’s website?

My goal in web development is to make things simpler. I want to make sure Tellwell’s platforms are user-friendly and engaging for authors and readers.

Are there any specific features or improvements you’ve worked on recently that you believe have positively impacted the Tellwell community?

One thing I’ve done to help the Tellwell community is introducing reports and dashboards that give users useful insights.

Outside of coding, what do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any hobbies or interests you’d like to share?

Outside of work, I spend my free time reading articles. It helps me learn more about society, politics, technology, and science, and it keeps me growing.

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