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‘The words in this book are my battle cry’ says Author of the Month: Blaise Hunter

Through a brave story of reflection, trauma healing, and heroism, one author blazes a trail toward better communication

November 15, 2022 / by Ben Graham

This month we celebrate Blaise Hunter, an engaging and insightful author who has turned adversity into empathy and grown as a writer and leader. More than an author, Blaise is also an international speaker, podcast host, copywriter, fertility expert, and certified human rights advocate. A breaker of chains, she tackles the realities of issues women face, from low confidence and lack of identity to social injustices. In 2020 she won the Influencer Award at the Canadian Women of Inspiration Awards.

I am continually birthing my purpose. It is my vision to see others fulfill their dreams as well. – Blaise Hunter

What inspired you to write Captain Communicator?

In all honesty, the meaning behind my work is to stay alive. I wrote this book because I refuse to wither and die emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Disease, miscarriages, trauma, pain, and heartache don’t define me. By reconnecting the communication portals, I starve a rare autoimmune condition and inject healing into my inner and outer world. My book is a deliberate provocation to trigger us forward. Communication is connection. We must connect to the nemesis and let it propel us into growth. We can all relate to experiencing trauma, miscommunication, conflict, and illnesses. My vision was to take the reader along my healing journey and inspire others to heal the dis-ease in their lives by exploring various aspects of communication. Captain Communicator demonstrates the importance of being hungry and desperate to live. Benjamin Franklin is attributed with saying, “Most people die at twenty-five and don’t get buried until seventy-five.” Emotionally not dying is the key to my not dying physically. The words in this book are my battle cry. Vulnerability, humility, courage, and a relentless spirit provoke connection.

Captain Communicator is your second book. As an author, what type of growth did you experience between the first and second book?

Great question. I see exponential growth in my writing skills and confidence with this book. We all began somewhere, and I loved my raw, blind ambition with Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome, but with experience comes wisdom. I have acquired many tools and strategies but saw the most growth with my actual execution of the book launch. Knowing what I want and advocating for the vision to be birthed indicates a blossoming. I also challenged myself to be even braver with my words and vulnerability. Heroine was a courageous step forward in discovering freedom and power. Captain Communicator highlights a woman who has come into her own and is the hero of her story. She still has giants in her life, but she co-exists with them like a true protagonist. I am proud of each stage and how they’ve shaped me into a seasoned writer. 

You have experience as a life coach. What is the number-one reoccurring issue that people needed advice with?

We all encounter various challenges and hardships throughout our lives, but a lack of purpose or identity is at the crux of our sadness and unfulfillment. When we know who we are and our destiny, we tap into renewable energy that ignites our passion. I always aim to empower people to discover who they are and take control of their narrative. We do this by changing how we view our pains and transforming them into our pearls. Resiliency and tenacity instill hope in humanity. Hope is our superpower. When we have hope, we find purpose.

Captain Communicator became a #1 bestseller on Amazon and a #1 Hot New Release. How does it feel to be blazing up the Amazon charts?

It feels incredible. Like any profession, a writer faces many challenges throughout their career, making the wins much sweeter. I am completely in awe of how my words and book impact people, which solidifies the need for better communication. We live in a communications-obsessed culture, yet we lack empowering communication skills. By peeling back the veil of my life, I want to create safety with communication. A safe connection opens the door to a shared reality, and it’s in that sweet space we help heal humanity. To have your heart and soul acknowledged is truly special. I am celebrating this win and myself. And when I encounter another hardship down the road, I will cling to this feeling I have right now. 

You founded Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Initiative, which promotes changes in our medical system one hospital at a time. These are tough issues people avoid discussing and even thinking about unless they are forced to.  As a result, when individuals experience infertility & pregnancy loss, the people around them can be left speechless.  How can we best communicate love and support to people experiencing these issues?   

I agree, this topic is still in the shadows. When my husband and I experienced our three miscarriages, we felt the loneliness, grief, and shame that accompanied them. We decided to share our struggles to help us heal our hearts, connect to other parents suffering in silence, and bring awareness. Footprints provides a platform to help people navigate these issues. Unfortunately, there is a stigma and a feeling of awkwardness with this subject, and we only break that by being vulnerable and getting loud about it. I am brave with my experiences because it creates safety for others to broach these matters. The best advice for anyone addressing this sensitive topic is the willingness to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Whether it’s parents dealing with infertility and loss or loved ones looking to support, silence is the enemy. Even if friends and family aren’t sure what to do, verbalize, “I recognize you are struggling, and I am here to sit in the mess with you. If you need a shoulder to cry on, someone to talk to, or a distraction, I support you and honour your feelings and needs.” Acknowledging people’s raw emotions and human experiences creates empathy and builds bridges. To learn about reproductive health rights, obtain mental health resources, or receive a free Footprints support bag, please visit

As a feminist author, do you have a message for women who write?

We all have a story inside of us. Don’t ever make yourself small. Don’t ever think who am I to write a book. Let your voice be heard. Our world would be a better place with all our unique stories and perspectives unleashed. Together we can make our words count. Let your insights, experiences, wisdom, imagination, and talents be your legacy that is time capsuled in the pages of your work of art. Write boldly. Write with conviction and creativity. Write things that will move people’s souls. 

What is the most important advice you would have for developing authors?

I always approach my work with these questions, “Would I read this, and would I love it?” Don’t write what you think people will like. Write what lights you up. If it’s fiction, write something stimulating to the imagination and take the reader on an epic adventure. If it’s nonfiction, be so daringly vulnerable that your heart pounds when thinking about writing it. Push yourself outside your comfort zone. Take risks, leave your mark on every page, and grow with your craft. Know that everyone, even the greats, had a first novel filled with typos and rookie mistakes. Don’t let fear, imposter syndrome, or perfectionism stop you from releasing your words.

Where can our readers follow you and connect online?
People can learn more about me and what I do with Blaise The Trail Inc. at, and on social media @blaisethetrail.

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