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10 Book Cover Design Trends for 2022

Book covers are extremely important in capturing readers’ attention and evoking a feeling, mood, and overall sense of the book’s content. A great book cover will entice a reader to pick up your book and read it. The cover is the first impression of your book, a visual depiction of the contents inside.

Here are some of the biggest trends in book cover designs for 2022.

All of the book covers shown here were created by Tellwell.

1. Surrealism: One of the biggest cover design trends in 2022 is surrealism. 2020 and 2021 did feel like a dream after all, so it’s not surprising many books, and their covers, are creating a sense of an unreal, altered, and strange reality.

2. Partially hidden titles: Book titles that are partially blurred, blocked, cracked, and hidden to create a sense of mystique and suspense.

3. Rough sketches: It looks like it came out directly out of an artist’s sketchbook and evokes a raw, authentic feel.

4. The illusion of depth: Designs that leap off the page to create the illusion of another dimension.

5. Art deco: Head back to the roaring 20s and embrace the carefree bold and elegant art deco geometric shapes, patterns and flair.

6. Bold patterns: Bold, geometric patterns and colours stand out against simpler, minimalist designs.

7. Illustrations: Custom illustrations have been popular for years and can really capture a book’s genre and tone.

8. Natural imagery: 2020 and 2021 saw us spend more time outdoors so it’s no surprise nature’s inspiration is becoming more popular.

9. Minimalism: Simple fonts and graphics and plenty of negative space.

10. Retro nostalgia: Cover imagery that reflects a certain period in time. This is best used for content set in a particular era.

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