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Author of the Month

First Nations Medical Doctor, Social Justice Advocate and Author Dr. Peter Eppinga -Tellwell’s June Author of the Month

Lower Mainland Clinic Owner Champions First Nations Healthcare and Youth Resilience Through ‘Love My Life’ Initiative

We are honoured to have Dr. Eppinga join us to celebrate Indigenous History Month as the featured speaker in our Author of the Month series.

When I was in medical school, discovering mental health coping techniques (or lack of) are learned as a child, and like an arrow we can point them in the right direction. I lost a family member to suicide and it’s my belief that suicide is 100% preventable if we focus on mental wellness and building a strong and healthy foundation for our youth.

Dr. Peter Eppinga

Dr. Peter Eppinga is a distinguished figure in the medical field and the proud owner of Gwaii Medical, two thriving clinics in the Lower Mainland. His heart and heritage lie in Old Masset, Haida Gwaii. Dr. Eppinga’s journey in medicine is profoundly shaped by his experiences and dedication to confronting significant social issues. He has been a staunch advocate against racism within Canada’s healthcare system, striving to ensure equitable and timely access to medical care for all Canadians, particularly First Nations communities. His commitment to bringing first-class medical care to these communities highlights his deep-rooted passion and service oriented approach.

One of the most personal and impactful areas of Dr. Eppinga’s advocacy is suicide prevention, especially among Indigenous youth. His initial encounter with the devastating effects of suicide came when a young basketball player from his community tragically ended his life, an event that left a lasting impression on a teenage Peter. The personal nature of this issue intensified when Dr. Eppinga lost his own cousin to suicide, further fuelling his commitment to this cause.

Dr. Eppinga is dedicated to promoting suicide prevention through education and awareness. He founded the initiative “Love My Life” with the aim of equipping young people, particularly Indigenous youth, with the skills and confidence needed to overcome life’s challenges. Through his children’s book, titled I Love My Life, Dr. Eppinga seeks to inspire and empower the next generation, fostering imagination and instilling life skills that are crucial in the fight against suicide.

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Tellwell Books

Tellwell’s Pride Month Booklist

Tellwell Pride Books and Authors

We love books that celebrate identity, love, and pride! 🌈✨

This Pride Month, explore the Tellwell booklist and discover a collection of incredible LGBTQ+ literature by our Tellwell authors.

Nordameris by H. M. Tavares

Nordameris: An Astrological Novel follows fifteen pivotal days in Renato’s life. The futuristic story blends mystery, romance, and comedy as Renato navigates challenges of balance between passivity and aggression, the personal and the political, love and hate, healing and death, and the human and the machine.

While reading about an assassination attempt on the founder of the Pristine Cult inside a combibus, Renato faints, triggering memories of childhood bullying at an orphanage in Transluz. Now in Nordameris, they participate in a research experiment to address painful memories and find self-acceptance, doubting its efficacy. The influence of Pluto on their natal Venus in Gemini becomes apparent when a mysterious stranger from Transluz enters their life, leading Renato to realize the interconnectedness of their past, present, and future.

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Meet the Team

Meet Jennifer, Tellwell Book Publishing Consultant, Accomplished Author and Proprioceptive Writing Teacher

Author Jennifer Chapin Tellwell Consultant

Jennifer’s dedication to helping writers find and share their voices is at the heart of her work. Jennifer is also an accomplished author herself having written and published two books:) Her passion for storytelling extends into the community, particularly in schools and prisons, where she utilizes proprioceptive writing techniques to tune writers to their inner voice and write from the heart.

Jennifer Chapin brings a lot of experience and passion to her role. She starts authors on their publishing journeys with a background in sales and a deep love for storytelling. Read on to get to know Jennifer better!

Can you tell us about your background and what inspired you to become a book-publishing consultant?

I have a background in professional sales that includes the hotel business here in Canada and in New York City. Prior to beginning with Tellwell I worked for a technology company that developed software to help non-profit organizations secure foundation funding. I helped my clients fine-tune their stories to attract funders. I also worked in Granada, Spain, for a short time while researching my novel, The Poet & The Angel, which Tellwell published in 2020. It was an easy transition for me, as I am both a writer and a reader—books are an important part of my world. The message of The Poet & The Angel is to always speak up and understand the power of your voice, and never let anyone curtail you from doing so.

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Tellwell News

Nominate Tellwell Publishing for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics

Tellwell Publishing Monica Martinez and Timothy Lindsay Accepting BBB Awards for Ethics

We are excited to announce that voting for the prestigious Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards for Ethics has opened to the public. We would be honoured to have your support this year!

Every year, the BBB serving Vancouver Island honours businesses that stand out for their commitment to ethical business practices. Your nomination for Tellwell Publishing is a testament to our dedication to ethical standards and customer service excellence.

Tellwell Publishing has been a finalist for the BBB Torch Awards for the past two years thanks to the wonderful nominations from our literary community.

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Book Giveaways

A Reading Adventure with our June Book Giveaway!

Celebrate June with an adventurous read!

Immerse yourself in thrilling tales that promise excitement and wonder with every turn of the page . . .

Long ago in Stone-age Scotland brother and sister twins have dreams beyond the Custom of the Beaver Clan. Bhòid can only become a Hunter if he shows outstanding courage. Lamed by a fever, Sulaire fears she can no longer be a Healer. After injuring the Headman’s son, Bhòid flees to a desolate island. Can he survive alone? Can Sulaire heal the Headman’s son? Will the twins see each other again?

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews

June Author Highlights

This month we’re showcasing Tellwell authors who have shared their unique journeys, each serving as an inspiration in the literary world!


Peter Gribble, the Tellwell author behind the The City of the Magicians series, was recently featured in Reader Views!

Writing a story can be a strange experience and has parallels with what happens in reality. There’s an occasional sense of being lost but that’s good. Some ideas come fully formed from some underlayer of the creative process. Many times, I just won’t know until it writes itself.

-Peter Gribble
in an exclusive interview with Reader Views

BL Ryan, the author of the book Greystone, also graced the pages of Reader Views Kids!

The work is writing the scenes using the best possible language and connecting the scenes to form a coherent story, usually with many plotlines because I find the back stories of the characters so interesting. 

-BL Ryan
in an exclusive interview with Reader Views Kids
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Tellwell Books

Indigenous History Month Booklist

It’s Indigenous Peoples Day and Indigenous History Month in Canada, and to mark this occasion we are showcasing a selection of books by our Tellwell authors that pay tribute to the narratives, customs, and insights of Indigenous peoples who have profoundly influenced our world.

Understanding Life by Wendy Hill

Wendy Hill’s profound book delves into life, death, and the spaces in between, drawing from her upbringing in a Native community and spiritual experiences that shaped her journey into healing. Wendy also recounts prophecies from various Native sources that came to her through dreams. Overall, the book intimately addresses universal existential questions, shedding light and providing profound insights into life’s mysteries.

Wendy Hill, a Native woman from the Cayuga Nation among the Six Nations/Longhouse people, began her spiritual journey in childhood through dreams and traditional ceremonies. A near-death experience at twenty revealed her healing abilities, which she now shares as a healer and peace-builder across Native communities in North America. Wendy’s work includes hands-on healing for physical ailments and emotional, mental, and spiritual support. She continues to travel extensively, promoting community wellness, awareness of environmental changes, and sharing spiritual guidance and healing wherever she goes. Grab your copy of Understanding Life here.

Burn Journal by Ronald O.W Scott

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Author of the Month

Exclusive Interview with Tellwell Author Hunter Snow: Unveiling the Inspiration Behind ‘Rock Crush and Roll’

Discover the intriguing intersection of romance and the music industry with Tellwell’s May author of the month Hunter Snow

My editor was fantastic! And I’m in love with my book cover. But beyond that, working with Tellwell was very easy and I plan on publishing my second book the same way. Traditional publishers are great for some writers, but I just wanted to get my book out there!

Hunter Snow

Welcome to the May issue of Tellwell’s Author of the Month. Today we feature Hunter Snow, the talented author behind the novel Rock Crush and Roll.

Currently, Hunter is garnering significant attention in the media landscape, with mentions in a diverse array of magazines such as Find Your Sound, Canadian Beats, and Tinnitist. This noteworthy press coverage not only highlights Hunter’s experience within the music industry but also underscores the growing interest and acclaim surrounding her talents as an author.

Set in a world of music and romance, the book offers a unique blend of passion and authenticity. Snow brings to life the complexities of relationships amidst the backdrop of fame and fortune. Join us as we explore the inspirations for Rock Crush and Roll and Snow’s approach to blending the romance genre with the dynamic setting of the music industry.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for writing Rock Crush and Roll, and how you approached blending the romance genre with the backdrop of the music industry?

I wanted to write a book that I would enjoy reading. I’ve spent my career working in the music industry and the stories are endless!

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Book Marketing Design Showcase

Marketing Showcase: Promotional Designs

Check out some of the creative promotional materials created for authors by our stellar book marketing team!

The book marketing team at Tellwell delivers a variety of marketing services to authors. Among these services, is the creation of branded designs tailored to suit a wide variety of books. In this blog post, we showcase some of the team’s recent favorite designs, highlighting the details from each project.

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews

May’s Literary Successes

Welcome to our monthly spotlight on the success stories of our Tellwell authors, highlighting their journeys to acclaim through book awards and five-star reviews!


Tellwell author Terry Eissfeldt and his book, Anna Wells and the Mystery of the Dusty Duchess, received a 2024 International Impact Book Award in the Mystery and Detective Stories for Young Adults category!

Spinning On A Barstool by Glenda Toews has been recognized with a Silver Award in the category of Overall Grand Prize Non-Fiction by Reader Views!

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