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March into a new adventure with our book giveaways!

Hey there, fellow bookworms! Are you ready for an adventure? We sure are, and we’ve got just the thing to get you started: this month’s book giveaways!

Whatever genre you are into, we’ve definitely got you covered. These books are guaranteed to take you on a wild ride as you get lost in their great stories. We can’t wait to see where these books will take you!

Sit back and enjoy in yet another book adventure!

Starting this month’s exciting reads is The Almost True Adventures of Brandon and Josh by Barry M. Fellinger, full of fun, imaginative, and thrilling escapades!

When Josh gets kidnapped by Aliens because he refuses to eat his broccoli, he and his cousin Brandon end up having a hilarious outer-space adventure. The two eleven-year-old boys must face down the Intergalactic Council, rescue an alien who starts a flood every time she cries, fly an air sled, travel through time, and deal with a talking broccoli plant that might even eat them! Whether you like broccoli or not, you will definitely want to find out what happens, and after reading this you may even find you eat your vegetables all the time! But the fun doesn’t end there. Brandon says, “I can’t wait until our next adventure to see how we rescue our cousin Adam!” While Josh says, “I hope we don’t have to go back up there to rescue Adam. Those aliens give me the creeps!” They’ll find out in the next book, so watch for “The Not So True Adventures of Brandon, Josh and Adam,” coming soon!

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Experience magic

Get ready to be swept away into a world of enchantment and wonder with every turn of the page of When Time Stands Still by Diane Martin. This book is your ticket to a magical adventure!

Three siblings, Megan, Nicholas, and Brooke, think they are going on an uneventful family vacation. They couldn’t be more wrong! They find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance, many years ago, of their great-great-uncle Jack. After being spirited away to a foreign land, the siblings wonder if they will ever solve the case, let alone get home again. Back at camp, where time stands still, their baby brother Tanner just might have found the missing piece that unlocks an old family mystery.

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Get lost in the world of poetry!

Poems never fail to capture the essence of what it means to be alive as we immerse ourselves in their words that open hearts and minds. Get lost in the pages of yet another remarkable poem, Just My Thoughts and Ideas by P.J. Victor!

Just My Thoughts and Ideas is a book of poems where the author, P.J. Victor, decides to open up and share with us his beliefs. As the title indicates, they are his thoughts and ideas of the day when he wrote each particular piece. His inspirations were in fact personal things he saw happening in his life or around him. They are an accumulation of poems he started writing at the age of seventeen. We never know when we shall be inspired. It may be through a casual conversation with friends, overhearing someone else’s conversation, a personal experience, or that of someone close to you where the ideas are born. At times it’s just a word, a sentence or an idea. For whatever reason it resonates with you, and you feel compelled to elaborate on the topic. What this Canadian author shows us in his first book is that not all men are scared to show a sensitive side of themselves. Being very sentimental in some of his writings, Victor shows a vulnerability most men shy away from. In this book he demonstrates that he is clearly in touch with his emotions. Through experiences of friends and relationships, P.J. Victor opens up to us on how he views things in his ideal world.

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Taking you on a spiritual journey

Whether you are looking for guidance, inspiration, or simply a good read, this book is sure to become your next favorite book on religion and spirituality. To Listen of the Lord’s Jesus Christ Voice, Holy Spirit by F. Dumanjug will surely be your guide to discover the profound beauty of the spirtitual world.

My encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, came with his all plans, instructions, and directions about this project. It is all perfect for me. Says the Lord, “You will write a book from your journal.” The Lord says, “I can’t wait to have people get that book.” The Lord wants to reach out to people around the globe, to return to him, with repentance, and believe and accept him by faith in order to be saved by his grace and mercy, that the Lord Jesus is a true living God, and his spirit live within us. The Lord said, “This book, I will make it happen, and it will be done.” My childhood has been very difficult, not knowing what my future holds in life. Almighty God gave me guidance, and he allowed me to do what I needed to do according to my plan in life. But not with God’s plan. Living in Australia has given me opportunity to achieve my goal in life. When I reached the point of perception in life, the Lord Jesus Christ gave me a free will, which I should follow. The worldly living is only for today and now, or I can choose to follow Christ for eternal life after earth with rewards in heaven. The breath of the Almighty gives me life, and new creation. Isaiah 55: 9: “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.” I live in Christ right now, I don’t make decision for myself, I consult the Lord Jesus and depend on him for what the Holy Spirit wants me to do. To glorify the Lord our heavenly Father, amen! Such as Behold I am coming soon! just a matter of time! keep looking up! be ready for a wedding banquet is being prepared for his people! It won’t be long now! Anyone makes sure you don’t miss it! The Lord Jesus is waiting for the last souls. But won’t be forever! because there’s a time due! Decide now, tomorrow will be too late.

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