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Every author dreams of receiving recognition and praise for their book, and with award season just around the corner, you may be thinking, How can I submit my book to awards? Well, we’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Determine which awards your book is eligible for

This seems pretty straight forward . . . most awards have categories for all genres to enter, but in some cases awards will focus on a specific genre. This is particularly seen with children’s books. That isn’t the only restrictive factor; you will also need to be sure you are looking at awards that are open to self-published authors. Fear not—there are many! In some cases you may also find national awards that focus on the author’s country of residence. Be sure to always read the terms of eligibility for the award you are submitting to.

Taking all these factors into account, here is a great resource for finding self-published book awards

QUICK TIP: Not all awards come with a monetary prize. Whether you’re looking for fame and fortune or simply some recognition, keep this in mind when considering which awards you submit to.

Step 2: Complete the submission form

After you’ve read the eligibility and concluded your book is a match, you’ll need to prepare your submission!

You’ll need to complete the awards submission form, and with this you will be required to select which category you are submitting your book to. This can be tricky, as there may be several categories your book aligns with. Often, you can select more than one category, but there will be a fee associated with selecting additional slots.

Step 3: Prepare your submission package

Whether you are entering an ebook or sending off physical copies, you are going to need to prepare a package with all your submission information.

Ebooks: In order to submit your own ebook, you will need to have the digital review copies. These include the PDF, MOBI and EPUB files. One of these files will be required to submit for judging; the specific one will be stated within the submission form.

QUICK TIP: If you do not already have your digital review copies and would like to obtain them, you can purchase them through your project manager ([email protected]) or your marketing consultant.

Physical copies: Most awards require several copies of the book per category for judges. You are required to send in copies of the book to the address provided by the award. You will also need those handy submission forms you completed in step 2. These, along with the correct number of books, are required by the judges by the submission deadline date in order to be considered.

QUICK TIP: If you do not already have copies of your book and would like to obtain some, you can purchase them through your project manager ([email protected]) or [email protected].  

Step 4: Keep an eye on submission deadlines

Deadlines will creep up quickly; most awards have deadlines in January or February, so be sure to keep an eye on submission deadlines for the awards you are keen to enter. Start preparing early with books or digital files, so you can easily make it within the required timeframe.

Step 5: Mark your calendar

Yay, you’ve submitted your book! Now what? Well, now you wait, and mark your calendar! Awards will have an announcement day when they will release the shortlist, winners, and honourable mentions. Be sure to keep an eye out for your book.

Winning an award can be a great way to gain exposure for your book, as well as give it an extra dose of credibility. If you do win an award (or make a shortlist, become a finalist, or get an honourable mention), make sure to add this distinction to your website, social media channels, and any promotional materials. You might even consider printing a sticker that you can add to the cover of your book or update your design files so that the award appears directly on your book cover.

Good luck!

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