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Indie Author Celebration

Congratulations to our authors for winning major awards and receiving huge publicity including radio and podcast interviews, newspaper, web and social media features.

Jerome Bourgault
The Perpetual Now

Exciting news for sci-fi/fantasy author Jerome Bourgault whose debut novel, The Perpetual Now, has been named a finalist in the cross-genre category of the 2020 International Book Awards! Winners will be announced in a few weeks.

It is a huge and completely unexpected honour to be included in the company of so many talented, successful and recognized authors in both mainstream and independent publishing. My thanks to everyone at Tellwell Talent, and my readers who have shown so much support!

– Jerome Bourgault, author of The Perpetual Now

Elaine Alec
Calling My Spirit Back

Elaine Alec is making headlines for her newly released book Calling My Spirit Back. She’s been featured on the CBC, First Nations Forward, the National Observer, Living Fiercely and Sober is Dope! Podcasts. 

It’s a journey of understanding and embracing your story and sharing it with others. We can’t expect others to share their stories, their hearts, their thoughts, and their truths if we are not willing to do the same.

Elaine Alec, author of Calling My Spirit Back

Shreya Gupta
Flamingo Feet

The 10-year-old Ontario author is donating royalties from her book sales to helping educate young girls in India. Shreya Gupta’s local newspaper The Cambridge Times features the young writer talking about her book, Flamingo Feet, and cause. Way to go Shreya!

I wanted to make a book about her gaining confidence. I know a lot of people who get bullied. People make fun of what they like to do and stuff. It’s not very nice. I think you should always do what you want and what inspires you.

Shreya Gupta, author of Flamingo Feet

Paul Khan
Smoking is NOT Glamorous: How I’ve remained Smoke Free for 4 Decades

Ontario author Paul Khan promotes his book, Smoking is NOT Glamorous, on News Talk 1010 on IHeartRadio. He shares his journey to going from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day to kicking the habit altogether. His book offers tips and advice to others looking to do the same. 

My dream is to have you share in my miracle to live free from toxic smoke. When I kicked the habit, my taste buds became amazing. My breathing felt clear as sunlight and my energy level reached an all-time high.

Paul Khan, author of Smoking is Not Glamorous
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