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Want to kickstart your next novel? Here’s how to launch a successful book crowdfunding campaign

You’ve already got one book under your belt. Now’s the time to work on the next. But how can you afford to do this? The answer for hundreds of authors is Kickstarter, the popular crow-funding website. By executing a successful Kickstarter campaign, you could be paid to work on your book while you’re writing it. True story. Here’s a few tips to get your started:

Do your research. Check out book campaigns that worked. Ask yourself – why were they effective? What language did they use to encourage support? Who provided the funding and why, do you think, they did so? Check out this Kickstarter success story for inspiration.

Do the math and set your goal. I’m sure most of us would like a cheeky million to sit on the beach in Mexico and pen our crime thriller but that ain’t gonna happen. Figure out how much it costs to make a book, and be reasonable and realistic. If it’s a good project, people will contribute. Make sure you factor in the ‘boring’ costs like printing and postage. Remember to add a 15% buffer to cover the Kickstarter, credit card fees and extra fees to run your campaign. Also include a budget for marketing. Enough to either outsource it or to make your own website and promotional materials. At the very least, you should budget for a consultation with a marketing professional who will identify the strategies most relevant to your book that you can implement yourself.

Collaborate with a professional. The most successful Kickstarter campaigns  almost always have a professionally branded video or series of images explaining their project. Cohesive branding tells your supporters that you’re invested in your project and know the right people to get your project off the ground. Your campaign video or book should clearly tell people:

  • Who you are, what you’ve written, and why it is very important
  • That they receive a copy of your book with any package they buy
  • How they can pay – through the Kickstarter app or Apple Pay
  • If they can’t support your campaign, where they can purchase your book (e.g. Amazon)

Launch your campaign and spread the word! As with all marketing efforts, you should start by contacting your inner circles (family, friends and co-workers) and work outward. Send a personalised email to each of your contacts with a link to your campaign. Don’t forget to include a link to your review and social media channels.

Be patient and consistent. Unlike competing crowdsourcing websites, if you do not raise your goal on Kickstarter, the money is returned to the supporters. So, give your campaign effort a nudge every day. Metrics show that the biggest contributions are received on the first and last day of the campaign – so don’t lost hope! Good luck!

Need some support to launch your Kickstarter campaign? We’ve got you covered. Book a consultation with one of our marketing team today by calling 1 888 415 1541.

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