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Page-turning wins: Celebrating author success stories

Join us as we celebrate the incredible authors whose works have touched our hearts and minds. From page-turning suspense to poignant reflections on life, these writers have enriched our lives with their powerful stories and unique perspectives.

Let’s honour their contributions to the literary world and the joy they bring to readers everywhere!


Lisa Bournelis’s Louie and the Dictator wins the Book Excellence award in Children’s Inspirational/Motivational category!

With this recognition, Lisa’s exceptional storytelling skills and her ability to inspire young readers have been acknowledged and appreciated. This news is truly deserving of a round of applause!

Grab your copy of Louie and the Dictator here.


Readersview recently featured Keith Hamilton, author of Nine Bear Lodge.

For those who are curious to learn more about the author behind this captivating story, Readersview’s feature is an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into Hamilton’s life and works. In the feature, Hamilton shares his inspiration for writing Nine Bear Lodge and his experiences as a writer. Discover more about the author and his book here.

Nine Bear Lodge is not just a gripping story that captured the attention of readers, but it also earned Keith Hamilton a spot on the Two Hour Literature bestseller list on Amazon.

To purchase your copy of Nine Bear Lodge, click here.

Dan Russell, the author of Pleasant Good Evening, was recently featured in the Times Colonist for his unique perspective on radio broadcasting.

“I fell in love with radio late into the nights. It is the most intimate time to be a broadcaster on radio. I don’t know how many people over the years have said to me: ‘I fell asleep with you’ or ‘I went to bed with you.’ ”
-Dan Russell

Readers who are curious to learn more about the author behind the book Pleasant Good Evening can now gain more insight into Russell’s experiences and inspirations. Read the full interview with Dan Russell in the Times Colonist here.

Grab your copy of Pleasant Good Evening on Amazon today.

Michelle Dallago’s I Can Do Anything has been highlighted on Storytime Pup’s YouTube channel, where some of the best new children’s books are read to kids. Storytime Pup provides fun and educational content through his Magic Window, leading sing-alongs and dance-alongs that feature classic and contemporary children’s songs.

If you want to watch the exciting video featuring I Can Do Anything, click here. And for those who want to bring this inspiring book into their children’s lives, grab your copy on Amazon today!


Recently featured by The Book Report, Missing From Me is a compelling testimony to the power of love, faith, and resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity.

In her poignant memoir, Heather recounts the harrowing experience of navigating the treacherous terrain of uncertainty and fear while desperately seeking answers and closure. With her eloquent prose and raw honesty, she invites the reader to share in her deeply personal odyssey to bring her precious son home.

Don’t miss your chance to join Heather on her inspiring journey – order your copy today.

Author Barry Fellinger’s book, The Not so True Adventures of Brandon, Josh, and Adam, has achieved the remarkable feat of hitting the top spot on Amazon’s Children’s Time Travel books (free) charts.

This is yet another well-deserved triumph for Tellwell, and a testament to Barry’s fantastic writing skills. Congratulations!

Grab your copy of The Not so True Adventures of Brandon, Josh, and Adam here.

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