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HOLIDAY BOOK ROUND-UP: Tellwell’s Favourite Family Reads for Christmas🎁🎄

Ho ho ho! Just in time for the holidays, we here at Tellwell are excited to share some of our favourite yuletide tales that are perfect for the whole family. With these festive reads, you can keep the holiday magic alive all year round!

Christmas Treasure Hunt by Leslie & Tyler Hoolaeff

A new Christmas tradition to bring the whole family together! Christmas Treasure Hunt tells a charming and delightful story of Santa preparing to deliver a game on Christmas Day.

Beyond the fun of the story, the heart of this book can help create a better, more memorable Christmas that is accessible to anyone.

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The True Story of Santa’s Sleigh by Christine Kotowycz

The True Story of Santa’s Sleigh captures the magic and fantasy of Christmas. Taking place in the countryside several days after Christmas, a sparkle is revealed in the freshly fallen snow as the sun peeks through the clouds. What could this be? Where did it come from?

Soon after, the children become wrapped up in the mystery of a sleigh abandoned in a snowdrift. Curious letters begin to arrive. Who are these letters from? Is it possible that the sleigh belongs to Santa?

Through the letters a secret relationship develops between Santa and the children. Santa shares anecdotes about his northern home and the busy preparations for Christmas Eve.
One day Santa has a special request for the children. In order to help Santa, the children must discover the power and magic of the Christmas Spirit within themselves, and once they do, something extraordinary takes place that one special Christmas Eve.

The illustrations in the story capture the icy-cold landscape of a Canadian country winter. The curling and trailing smoke from the chimneys and the warm glow from within the homes and church provide a cozy, inviting, and reassuring contrast.

This sweet Christmas story is sure to encourage imagination and warm feelings.

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Santa Claustralia by Bramwell Steele

Santa Claus is faced with a difficult task: he needs help with Christmas and he knows who to ask.

He teams up with friends from around the world to deliver gifts to the good boys and girls.

Working together on a cold Christmas night, they share the load to bring Christmas delight.

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Chris MacTree: The Christmas Tree by Brendan Furlotte

Who is Chris MacTree? What does he do? Where does he come from? Have you ever wondered about the animals in the forest at Christmastime? All of your questions will be answered within this book. Welcome to the wintry world of Chris MacTree!

Get your copy of Chris MacTree: The Christmas Tree on Amazon.

Santa Claus Origins by Yazzi

A wonderfully unique story that is accompanied by vivid hand-drawn artwork. This illustrated novel is suitable for kids aged 1 to 92.

Children, teens, and adults will be able to relate to this colourful tale of adventure, self-knowing, and, most importantly, love.

Every detail and reference surrounding the legend of Santa Claus is explored and explained in this epic tale of fantasy. Starting with Part 1, we discover his life as a child and young adult, where he comes from, and where his powers come from. Continuing in Part 2, some years pass and he meets the love of his life, learn why he delivers gifts once a year, why he uses reindeer to fly, and much more.

Printed with the highest quality paper, ink, resolution, and binding. 150 pages of Christmas-inspired literature and 60 illustrations in high-gloss imagery will make the chapters come to life as you read along for yourself or your loved ones!

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Old Lobster Claws by Ian T. Rowan

Christmas under the sea!

This holiday story is filled with lovable marine characters anticipating Old Lobster Claws’ arrival. He comes delivering presents on a clamshell chariot pulled by two seahorses.

Get your copy of Old Santa Claws on Amazon.

The True Meaning of Christmas by Jenna R. Peters

Freddy sets out to find the true meaning of Christmas, and why we celebrate this special day each year. What exciting news will he discover?

Will Freddy find the true joy that comes with the Christmas season?

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Treadmill the Elf by Robert Murphy

Will Treadmill the elf be able to overcome termites, and stop them from destroying the toy factory?

Will Treadmill save Santa?

Will Treadmill repair the bridge of ice?

Will there be Christmas this year?

Get your copy of Treadmill the Elf by Amazon.

The Christmas Adventure by Stephen Moore

It’s Christmas Eve night. Neatly wrapped presents are under a tree that is laden with decorations. The kitchen is well-stocked for tomorrow’s feast. The halls are decked. The fire is fading as silence settles in the living room.

All is warm and cozy in the house, while outside a winter storm rages and the north wind howls as if demanding to get inside out of the cold.

The scene is set. Now is the perfect time for the others who live in the house to make their own arrangements to enjoy seasonal merriment and a festive feast. With the family nestled all snug in their beds, two mice get stirring.

Murgatroyd, a member of the elite M.I.N.U.T.E. (Mice International Network Unit Team Elite) tactical team and his young cousin, Archimedes, set off on a Christmas Eve raid on the refrigerator. This annual Yuletide caper had been meticulously planned earlier by senior mice, but, as the poet Robbie Burns once said, the “best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.”

Following the plan to the letter, Archimedes and Murgatroyd discover only fridge tracks. Horror of horrors, it’s been stolen! Join our intrepid adventurers on their quest to find the missing appliance and steal it back. It’s an adventure that brings out the light of the holiday season.

Through it all, one little mouse will need to stand tall to save Christmas. With a little help from Santa, of course.

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Have a Happy Holiday!🎁🎄
From all of us at Tellwell! 

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