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Indie author Karen Harmon describes the self-publishing experience with Tellwell

By Karen Harmon


Photo: The North Shore Press

The writing process for me began seven years ago as a form of remembering, recalling my life, where I came from and my parents before me. Through my writing, I experienced immense healing.

My times alone on my laptop came to be private therapy sessions of self discovery and coming to terms with my parents’ struggles. In turn, figuring out who I am. The why’s and why nots of my so-called life. Writing brought up feelings and sometimes tears but mostly it made me incredibly happy.

I had no initial intention of writing my memoir, but eventually, as I would laugh through tears I just knew that I had to share my life.  I told myself that if anything, my husband, children, siblings, cousins, an abundance of friends and numerous clients would enjoy my story.

Next, I asked myself, where would I begin?

While scrolling through Instagram on a vacation, I came across a Tellwell Publishing post. After digging a little deeper I decided to fill out their online questionnaire, just for the fun of it.

The questions they asked on the Tellwell authors form excited me and gave me hope. I started to feel confident and validated that I could become an author. Even though my manuscript was not yet completed, my gut told me that if I had Tellwell as my publisher my dream of writing and publishing my own book could become a reality.


Upon finishing my manuscript my payments were completed a project manager from Tellwell connected with me. I was nervous and anxious, but the project manager was calm and patient. She guided me through the next steps in publishing, both smoothly and effortlessly.

The optimum part of my Tellwell experience was creating the cover of my book. The design team was remarkable. They were able to capture my vision and creatively come up with an artistic cover, better than I could have ever imagined.

The only regret that I have is how nervous and worried I was. All for not, as after punctual back and forth emails every single worry or concern that I had was dealt with by the Tellwell team above and beyond my expectations.

After my book was published my whole family cheered with pride when my copies arrived in the mail.

The marketing experts at Tellwell interviewed me and found out exactly what my niche audience was. After implementing the team’s suggestions, I went ahead and organized an amazing book launch. A story in the local newspaper prior to the launch brought out people from my community in droves. Three book stores and three libraries now have copies of my book in stock and the Indigo website is easy to maneuver for ordering my book online.

As recommended by my Tellwell marketing consultant, I am getting ready for some radio and online interviews. I published my memoir, Looking for Normal, several months ago and I have sold over 120 books in person and many more online.

Thanks, TellWell for the life changing, remarkable experience! I am excited and happy to be a published author!

Author Karen Harmon at her book launch event in North Vancouver

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