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Author of the Month

Chelee Cromwell: Pioneering Sci-Fi Romance With Heart and Vision

From Nova Scotia to the World Stage, Explore the Inspirations and Dreams Behind NEWBIA, the Debut Novel That’s Captivated Readers Worldwide.

Life is meant to be explored and enjoyed while loving each other, showing and giving respect, acceptance, and understanding while embracing the many gifts and talents placed upon each of us. – Chelee Cromwell

Chelee Cromwell, an author from Nova Scotia, has made waves with her unique blend of science fiction and romance. Chelee is recognized as the first Black woman in Nova Scotia to publish a combination science fiction, fantasy, and romance series. Born and raised in Lake Loon and Weymouth Falls, her roots deeply influence her storytelling.

Her debut novel, NEWBIA, gained international attention, resonating with readers from countries across the globe, including Norway, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Bahamas. Chelee’s inspiration for NEWBIA stemmed from a dream that came to her night after night, and it followed a coherent storyline.

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Celebrating Black Authors!

It’s Black History Month, and we’re diving into a celebration mode! 🎉

Join us in honoring these Tellwell authors who have breathed life into stories to be read, cherished and shared.

Monica Buchanan

Monica Buchanan, author of the book Outsider has a PhD in psychology, as well as a master’s degree and a bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies. She continues to be enthusiastic and committed to development of strength-based community resources for adults and youths from marginalized and under-served communities, thus she remains an active volunteer.

André Wade

AndrĂ© Wade has always been a big dreamer. Humble beginnings surrounded with love, advice, and instruction—the customer service he was used to growing up. The information gathered and the stories shared will be found in AndrĂ©’s newest book: AndrĂ©’s Customer Service Soapbox: And the Work-Life Balance We Need, with guide and inspiration on what customer service can be when we put our best foot forward, and the aftermath of when we don’t. AndrĂ© Wade penned the books Shoestring Dreams and AndrĂ©’s Customer Service Soapbox.

Viterose Van Huis

Viterose Van Huis wrote of the book Bones in the Alley shares her journey to self-awareness. She makes it clear that self-discovery is essential in the pursuit of happiness and meaning. The difficulties of her childhood in Barbados, the heroic years in America, her limited education and her uncertain circumstances, rather than hinder her, propelled her to a greater understanding.

Constantine Ngara

Constantine Ngara, author of the book Does God Answer Our Prayers? is an educator, researcher, and gifted storyteller. He has taught from elementary school through high school to community colleges and universities in three continents: Africa, Canada, and the Middle East. Constantine has published a book, book chapters, and several peer-reviewed papers on giftedness and talent among students.

Chelee Cromwell

Chelee Cromwell is the author of the sci-fi fantasy romance series Newbia, “NEWBIA came from a dream I dreamed for two months straight. Waking each morning with a new adventure to write. During a time in my life, when I was battling and defeating a seven-year fight towards cancer.”

Joseph Camel

Joseph Camel authored the book Little Joe in The Big City. As a kid he would write short stories and have his siblings and cousins read them aloud for everyone to listen. He also got involved into public service, which gave him the chance to travel to many cities, giving him the idea to give kids an insight into what these places are like and hoping someday they too can travel there.

Chisa Evans

Chisa C. Evans was born and raised in Thomasville, Alabama. She is one of four siblings and comes from a fairly large family, so family has always been and continues to be a priority to her. That family includes her husband and her four-legged teddy bear pup “boys” that this book is loosely based upon. Doodleville Blues is Chisa’s first children’s book.

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Tellwell Books

Nine Black authors to add to your to-be-read list for Black History Month

Celebrating the works of some of our talented authors during Black History Month

This February, we are honouring some of our talented Black authors in their contributions to the literary world! Spanning genres that range from business to children’s and religious to memoir, our authors have stories they have carefully and courageously shared with the world.

Lamar Jackson

I Dream, You Dream, Let Us Dream! was written to inspire children of all ages to never give up on their dreams. When accompanied by hard work, dedication, consistency, and faith, your dream can turn into your reality. Do not allow others to tell you that your dreams are impossible and can’t be done. Even if it’s never been done before, you’re just the one chosen to do it. Dream big, work hard, and live your reality! You can do it!

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Author Success - In the media, awards, reviews Tellwell Books

Tellwell Authors Promote Their Self-Published Books in the Media

As part of Black History Month we’re shining the spotlight on a few of the Black authors we’ve had the privilege of working with over the past year. These self-published authors are promoting their books in a range of unique ways. Take a look to inspire your own book promotion ideas!

Record a podcast at your launch event

Author Ray Byfield recorded a podcast episode to answer questions about his new book at his launch event. Last September, Ray hosted a socially distanced book launch to celebrate the release of This Business of Life and Business. He shared this video to his YouTube page; he posted it to his website; and, he promoted it on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

Creating one piece of quality content can go far when you adapt it for promoting on each of your platforms.

Pitch to journalists for a deeper connection with your audience

Arnelle M. Cruz was interviewed by The Hollywood Times to discuss her book The Survivor Story of Arnelle: A Girl from Africa. Arnelle opens up about what it was like growing up in Liberia, and she tells readers how they too can overcome adversity.

Interviews and feature stories, like Arnelle’s interview, give readers a deeper insight into your story.

Arnelle M. Cruz – visit her website here.

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