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Book Marketing Meet the Team

Melissa, Tellwell’s new Book Marketing Team Lead, explains why book marketing doesn’t have to be a chore

We’re thrilled to introduce you all to Melissa Hurtubise, the newest member of Tellwell’s Book Marketing team. Read on for fresh advice from this bookstragrammer and future author!

Tell us about your new role on the Book Marketing team.

I am a Book Marketing Consultant at Tellwell. That means that I connect with authors closer to the end of their publishing journey. My role is to assist authors with developing techniques to help them effectively promote their books, connect with readers, and develop their author brands. This will look a little different for each author, but usually involves a combination of consultations, strategies, social media assistance, and creating a variety of promotional materials for the authors I work with. 

What did you do before joining the Tellwell team?

Before coming to Tellwell, I was a high school teacher. I have always been a huge book and history nerd, so I started out completing an honours degree in history and English literature, thinking that I would teach one of those subjects, but life had other plans and I ended up being a special education teacher. I worked with students with a variety of exceptionalities in Grades 8 through 12, and I absolutely loved the years I spent teaching those students.

During that time, and in addition to teaching, I also started a book blog and became a bookstagrammer online as theclumsybookworm.  It started out as a hobby, born out of a lifelong passion for reading, but as time went on I realized that I wanted to make a career change, and that’s how I ended up at Tellwell. I believe that my new role as a Book Marketing Consultant is the perfect fit because it allows me to blend my teaching experience with my love of books and helping people succeed. 

How aesthetically pleasing is Melissa’s bookstragram grid?

What do you enjoy most about working with authors? 

I love that each author and their book are unique. I enjoy connecting with authors and learning about their stories, and then helping them decide which marketing techniques will work best for them. 

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