Thanks for your interest in partnering with Tellwell! If you believe in our team and our reputation for great service, we invite you to join us. Tellwell has been developing an excellent reputation by offering:

  • A full-service, team approach to publishing
  • The highest royalties and smartest distribution model in the industry
  • Step-by-step guidance so authors don’t get stuck and feel alone and confused
  • A caring, small company feel

Tellwell’s referral program is intended for people who genuinely want to refer us because you believe in our service and want to help support indie authors. The program is especially intended for:

  1. Tellwell clients: you are in the best position to recommend us!
  2. Independent Editors seeking a reliable partner to help their clients with the rest of the publishing process (when receiving referrals from editing partners, we are happy to omit editing from our services!)
  3. Other publishing professionals seeking a reliable partner with a great reputation for honest, caring, quality service.

To get started, create your referral program account here.

Here’s how our referral program works

  1. Sign-up for a referral program account with Tellwell:
  2. Login to your account and you will have access to a unique web link that you can share
  3. Tellwell’s referral program offers a two-sided reward, which means that both you and the author you refer get a benefit
  4. When someone clicks on your unique link they will be directed to a webpage inviting them to submit a form to receive Tellwell’s introductory Publishing Guide and claim access to their referral reward
  5. If the author decides to work with Tellwell, you will receive your reward
  6. From within your Referral Program account, you will be able to see how many authors you have referred, and how many have become clients thereby triggering your reward

Terms and Conditions

  1. For each author you refer who becomes a published Tellwell author, you will receive your choice of cash or other rewards, payable after the author your refer begins the production process
  2. The authors who you refer will be eligible for a credit of at least $250 towards select services for up to 3 months after submitting the form; the details of the credit will be described on the webpage where the unique link directs the author and/or via subsequent communications between Tellwell and the author
  3. The reward given to authors you refer cannot be combined with any other special offer
  4. To be eligible as a referral, the author you refer must submit the contact form on the page where your unique link page directs the author; Tellwell at its sole discretion may waive this requirement under special circumstances if it is clear that a referral took place but the author accidentally neglected to use the proper webpage to submit the form
  5. To be eligible as a referral, the author must not have already contacted Tellwell in the past as a result of Tellwell’s other marketing activities; in other words they must be new authors with whom Tellwell is not already in communication
  6. Tellwell may limit the $250 value given to the authors you refer to certain services and may change the default 3-month time limit on the special offer
  7. You will only share your unique link with authors who consent to receiving the link, and you will not share your referral link in any manner that breaches Spam laws or any other laws
  8. Tellwell reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this program at any time including the rewards for referees and referrals; in the event the referral fee changes, you will receive the reward applicable at the time the author you referred signs up to publish