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Marketing consultant Cassie Smith shares her advice to authors marketing their book during the COVID pandemic

1. Tell us about your role at Tellwell.

As a book marketing consultant, my role is to support authors in the marketing and promotional aspect of the publication process. We develop strategies for authors to develop their book marketing plan, and fulfil marketing services to take some of the load off their plate.

2. What did you do beforehand?

I worked in community engagement and development within educational institutions from preschool to university! My tasks ranged from directing international field studies with university students in Europe, to being the person who got to drop the eggs from a school roof for a science fair ‘egg drop’ challenge!

3. How would you describe your personality?

I’m a big infophile – learning is what motivates me more than anything! I also find it really tough to sit still and read a book – so audiobooks are a great way to circumnavigate that.

4. What do you enjoy most about working with authors?

I thrive on having a varied workload which is why working with authors is so great. They each present unique perspectives, skills, and stories. Getting to adapt to those individualities is really amazing. 

5. Describe your approach to working with authors.

Author-led. I begin most conversations by asking our authors to walk me through their publishing process so far, and using their motivations and goals to determine how we will work together to market their book! At the end of the day, the biggest expert on the book is the author so I really strive to remind them of that throughout the process. 

6. What marketing advice do you have for authors?

Keep your efforts consistent and persistent. Marketing your book CAN be a full-time job, but aim to make the workload a bit like a part-time one. A few hours, a few times a week, will really add up. 

7. What should authors keep in mind when marketing their book during a global health crisis?

Online efforts really help to contribute to a global community – not just a global market! Consider how talking about your book, and sharing your story with others, helps us to feel a bit more connected and we can share that so readily because of the internet. 

Since social distancing has expedited the process of social media being used to do things together (in real-time). Almost every web platform has a ‘party’ option where people can do things together such as watching Netflix, YouTube, taking art classes, running book clubs, etc! This means that now, more than ever, authors can use these platforms to share their story and engage with readers. 

8. What inspires you?

Witnessing people being resourceful. Be it simple recipes made of pantry essentials, home DIY projects, efficient work strategies or any example where people really push themselves to creatively use the resources they have to do something great. 

9. What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Backpacking trips, testing out new recipes, and antique furniture restoration. 

10. What are your favourite books to read?

Truthfully, I love reading cookbooks from cover to cover. I’ll sit down and read it like a  novel, only the plot curvature is determined by meal categories!

I also enjoy books about design and architecture – the built world is so new and well-documented, so there is a lot to learn from it!

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